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AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems, Inc. (ALS) to Relocate to Taylor County, Fla.
Bull Shoals, Ark. – AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems, Inc. (ALS) announced it will relocate its headquarters and manufacturing operations from Bull Shoals, Ark. to Taylor County, Fla. The new facility will include a training center for use by law enforcement, corrections and military personnel. ALS manufactures and distributes less-lethal products and services to domestic and international customers, and is a leading supplier of tactical and operational equipment. The facility will feature state-of-the-art manufacturing operations, warehouse and distribution capabilities with close proximity to major transportation hubs, as well as a stand-alone training facility. The training center will focus on providing less-lethal and tactical training and will include live-fire ranges, force-on-force training, a hostage rescue building, a corrections pod, a breaching facade, and full classroom facilities.

Pelco by Schneider Electric Cameras Installed at CSU, Fresno
DALLAS – Schneider Electric announced the installation of its Pelco™ by Schneider Electric™ Sarix TI™ thermal-imaging camera systems at California State University, Fresno’s Bulldog Stadium. The installation is expected to show immediate return on investment by eliminating the need for routine area checks, which saves on the cost of personnel, as well as vehicle fuel, maintenance and nighttime lighting. The university selected the Sarix TI Series to provide high-contrast images in any lighting condition with on-board analytics to detect any person or vehicle coming onto the new turf, allowing its security staff to monitor the field remotely and immediately respond to any unauthorized intruders.

Carlson’s TV White Space Broadband Radio for Video Surveillance
Carlson is leading the charge toward turning TV White Space broadband into a reality. Carlson’s award-winning RuralConnect broadband radio system enables the signal to surpass almost any obstacle due to its propagation characteristics, able to operate with large amounts of multipath interference. With data rates to support high-definition video, Carlson’s RuralConnect can be used to create point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networks with priority-routing support for voice, data and video traffic. TVWS broadband technology gives officers more efficient ways to manage locations that don’t have line-of-sight, like city park or university campuses. TVWS digital video monitoring can be effectively implemented in alleys and far sides of buildings, outskirts, secluded pockets of downtown areas, and other NLOS areas without degradation of signal.

Maricopa Region 911 Chooses Intrado to Upgrade 9-1-1
LONGMONT, Colo. – Intrado Inc., a subsidiary of West Corporation, announced the upgrade of call-handling equipment for 41 emergency call taking positions in four separate public-safety answering points (PSAP)s for Maricopa Region 911 (Maricopa) in Arizona. Maricopa will replace the current analog call-handling system with the latest Intrado VIPER(R), Power 911(R) and Power MIS(R) IP call-handling solutions. This new call-processing system provides Maricopa County with greater control and flexibility for all types of calls and is the next step in setting the foundation for an IP-based, i3-ready platform.

US Army Selects Zebra Imaging’s Tactical Digital Holograms
AUSTIN, Texas – The US Army has selected Zebra Imaging’s Tactical Digital Holograms (TDH) for evaluation in the Army Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) 13.1. NIE is a series of semi-annual, soldier-led evaluations designed to further integrate, mature and rapidly progress the Army’s tactical network. Planning and preparation for NIE 13.1 is underway with the evaluations to take place at Fort Bliss, Texas, and White Sands Missile Range, N.M. in October/November 2012. Proven with over 12,000 holograms in support of Soldiers operations in OND/OEF, TDH provide sophisticated three-dimensional geospatial intelligence of the battlespace.

State of New Jersey Uses Lithos Digital Radio Equipment
AMHERST, NY – After a two-year testing period, the State of New Jersey selected the Megalith Digital Radio system as standard equipment for the 10 bomb squads that comprise the Detection and Render Safe Task Force. The Lithos Megalith Digital Radio consists of a base unit and a digital control module that attaches to any Remotec robot, replacing analog radios or fiber optic cables. With a mile line-of-sight range, Megalith is able to reach far downrange. The addition of a Sentinel unit—a digital repeater equipped with a powerful camera system—can nearly double the range, or boost signal strength into buildings. The Lithos system is designed to work as an integrated mesh, with Sentinels and robots operating together as a functional team.

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