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What's New In Patrol Vehicle Accessories

Making vehicles more visible, more efficient, more useful, and ultimately safer is the job of the accessories that enhance and improve any police sedan, crossover, truck, SUV or patrol bike. Here is a look at some of the marketplace’s newest items that can make those long hours of patrol better, more efficient, and more comfortable.


Shedding light on the subject is one of the goals of Adamson with its work lights. The 2-inch LED work light provides 250 lumens. The unit features a swivel mount bracket so light can be aimed where it is needed. A black powder coated housing and shatterproof polycarbonate lens round out the design of the compact, but powerful light. 

Adamson also makes the Maxxima Rectangular LED Work Light that offers 1,000 lumens of LED light. The unit also has an aluminum, black powder coated housing and shatterproof polycarbonate lens. Stainless-steel mounting brackets are included. Dual 12/24 VDC circuitries allow for installation on 12V or 24VDC equipment. Both lights have five-year limited warranties.


Carson Sirens introduced its new SC-411 Elite Force siren that features “Quick Clone ™” duplication technology for use in fleets. Available are the remote dual (requiring two speakers) or the 100/200-watt single-tone remote unit. Designed for smaller space, the unit offers the features of a full console unit including a dual tone, full emergency-warning system control. 

Siren tone options and face programming are included, and the unit has a rubberized, splash-resistant face to protect the internal circuitry from spills and liquids. A rotary switch gives six positions for sound choice. A dimming button allows tailoring the brightness to the user’s preference. The unit has a five-year warranty and also features a programmable gun lock timer on all auxiliary switches. 


Gamber-Johnson is a certified manufacturer of rugged docking stations and vehicle mounting. Its new MAG Dock for the Panasonic Toughbook 31 has a GPS-enabled module built in. The new unit uses US FleetTracking’s Web interface technology to offer real-time tracking with a 5- or 10-second refresh rate. 

Since the system is Web-based, vehicles can be tracked from any computer, or from any mobile, handheld or tablet device with an Internet connection. The unit has four digital outputs and three analog inputs to alert both dispatch and the vehicle’s driver. Some outputs include locking or unlocking doors, honking the horn, or flashing the lights, while others include monitoring sirens lights or the shotgun release. 


Dodge’s Charger, Durango, Challenger and Ram Challenger, Chevrolet’s Camaro, Caprice, Tahoe and Impala, and Ford’s Expedition, Taurus and Crown Victoria are among the vehicles for which Go Industries manufactures such after-market enhancements as push bumpers, trunk trays, side trays, grille guards, and rear window guards/covers. 

The company has a new, patent-pending push bumper center weld onto the vehicle’s grille guard. This eliminates the need to bolt on the bumper, thus, the attachment is more permanent and there is far less chance that bolts will break.  


Wraparound brush guards for extra protection from deer and other road hazards, along with push bumpers are the hallmark of Go Rhino’s Public Safety Division. The new 5082, 5082W and 5082WHD wraparounds do not require drilling, cutting or notching of the bumper fascia. Bolt-on mounting brackets utilize existing holes in the vehicle for Chevrolet Caprice models.

Go Rhino’s new Dodge Charger partition features a high-grade steel tubular frame and protection panels, and an easily installed, adjustable mounting system. It is side curtain airbag compatible. No drilling is required. Go Rhino says the partition is the “quickest install in the industry.” The minimal mounting space allows maximum legroom. An optional vertical-mount dual-gun rack assembly is designed to install between the front seats to keep weapons away from airbags and passengers.  


Vehicle-specific consoles are a specialty of Havis. Units for the Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Caprice and Dodge Charger replace factory OEM consoles without permanent modification. The consoles have a custom look, but provide a mounting base for a variety of laptop, keyboard and docking station mounts. (Havis recommends that, for some consoles, if using a vertical gun rack between seats, a partition with a gun alcove should be used.)

Havis also offers a new K9 Transport System for the 2011-2012 Ford Explorer, which allows the driver seat to move all the way back for more driver legroom. A larger, side-entry opening improves canine entry and exit, and offers the handler easier access for cleaning of the containment area. For increased canine safety, the unit includes generous ventilation holes and two additional ducts to connect to the rear OEM climate control vents. Optional fans can also be mounted on either the driver or the passenger side of the rear wall.


HG2 Runner ™ lights are currently available for such vehicles as the Chevrolet Impala, Trailblazer, Tahoe, Suburban and Silverado; Ford Crown Victoria, Explorer, Expedition, and F-Series trucks; and Dodge Charger and Durango. The Runner is a versatile emergency lighting system for maximum visibility that enhances the outline of the side profile of the vehicle.

This greater visibility comes by means of the installation location, variable flash patterns and lighting intensity. Bright, wide-angle LEDs and a high-impact CAB housing are set in a mounting sleeve for stealth installation, making the unit useable on both marked and unmarked police vehicles.  


While high performance on- and off-road rapid response vehicles are a specialty of this company, one of its newest items is the patrol-ready “iForce” bike. This is an “out of the box ready” bike that only needs to have the front wheel popped on, and the pedals attached to be ready to roll. Its frame geometry is made to withstand the demands of terrain, time and rider comfort. Because the bike is built to the specific needs of police work, it is more than just a mountain bike to which has been added after-market lights, siren, rack and bag.

The “iForce” bike is internally wired for the “iWarn ™” LED light and siren system, featuring flashing LEDs front and rear and LED riding lights. The rechargeable battery is housed inside the bike’s welded rear rack. With quick acceleration, smooth shifting and optimal weight distribution, the bike is powered by 27 speeds of drive train and controlled by front and rear disk brakes. 


Having access to a laptop on a “desk” right beside the user in the vehicle is the specialty of Jotto Desk. Field-proven quality is their standard and the company offers a full line of laptop desks, mounts and stands for all vehicles, whether car, truck, SUV or van.  Combined with the laptop desk, the company offers a wide variety of screen holders, side tables, cell phone holders, PDA holders and nightlights.


Offering a variety of products, including the PASS bumper system, printer and computer mounts, and consoles, Lund Industries also offers weapons racks and trunk storage units.  The racks can be fitted for sedans, SUVs and trucks, or partition-mounted units. Trunk storage vaults are lockable and can be fitted to a variety of sedans, trucks or SUVs. They feature electronic or three-digit combination locks, and foam inserts and linings for weapon protection.   

Lund Industries’ Fold Down Rear Seat-Back Tray, nicknamed the “FDRS,” is an innovation for a full-width, fold-down tray that actually creates a false wall behind the rear seat, providing a protected, yet convenient, mounting area for trunk-mounted electronics. The fold-down design gives easy access when needed for service to the equipment, but also protection and safety to electronic equipment when the tray is in an upright position. Importantly, access to the spare tire is not blocked. The tray is currently available for the 2011+ Dodge Charger, 2011+ Chevrolet Caprice, and the 2012 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan. 


MNStar Technologies’ “Responder” series is a fabricated electrical harness with a centralized power distribution center. Available with component side connectors or straight wire ends at the point of component interface, the harnesses are designed for durability and quality regardless of the brand of emergency equipment being utilized in the vehicle. 

Color-coded wire is labeled every 6 to 12 inches. The harness is temperature rated for maximum loads at minus 40 degrees F to 221 degrees F. It also features a quick disconnect feature for siren, switchbox, grill lights, siren speaker, wigwag, strobe power supply, mirror and dash lights, rear deck lights, and flashers. A direct-to-battery ground reduces radio frequency and component-to-component interference. 


Pro-Gard Products offers a new line of universal push bumpers and partitions for the new 2012 Chevrolet Caprice. The Universal Partition and Push Bumper for sedans, and another version for SUVs, is now on the market. The universal products were developed in response to feedback from fleet managers to design a product that fleets could easily transfer to another police package vehicle. 

If purchasers choose to transfer the universal product into another police package vehicle in the near future, the purchaser needs only to buy a vehicle-specific transfer kit that equates only up to one-third the cost of the original product purchase. 


“Out with the old and in with the revolutionary,” says RAM with their new console design for the Chevrolet Caprice. The product features a variety of items not found in other packages so mobile law enforcement professionals have what they need within easy reach. The console offers an OEM integrated look through the use of injection-molded end caps and radius edges. 

The unit is designed to be rigid, strong and capable of easily supporting laptops, tablets, keyboards or combinations of these devices. The manufacturer states that it takes pride in the sturdy and superior craftsmanship that hallmarks the console, saying that such workmanship allows the user to focus on the job to be done without having to worry about having equipment bounce in the vehicle.


Specializing in weapons storage and transport, Secure Innovations now offers a product that is designed for the cargo areas of SUVs. The SWAT Cargo box features heavy-duty welded, all-steel construction to hold securely such items as assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, ammo and gear. Varying by model, the SWAT Cargo box can hold up to 32 assault rifles. Drawer slides are designed for accurate and smooth ride. A five-year warranty is provided and the cargo box can be outfitted in various configurations.



Setina Manufacturing offers a product line that includes partitions, window barriers, pursuit/push bumpers, weapon storage/transport units, and K9 systems. The K-9 containment system is of high-strength, lightweight aluminum with a non-skid rubber mat. It is compatible with most of the Setina Body Guard partitions, and is easy to install, requiring no drilling. It also includes window barriers and door panels. Optional cooling units are available. 

The “Premier Canine” system has a 10-inch fan, fan controller, temperature probe, backup temperature probe, and an optional pager to alert the handler up to one mile away.  Setina also manufactures the “Ultimate K-9” containment and single prisoner unit that has two access points to allow quick, but safe, deployment of the canine, and room for secure single prisoner transport. 



Drawer and vault units for sedans, trucks and SUVs are the specialty of Truck Vault. The “Patrolman” unit is a single-drawer box suspended above the cargo area of the trunk. It gives a layer of weapons security plus access to non-sensitive items, while maintaining the security of items within the box. Occupying trunk space that often goes unused, the remaining trunk space allows room for bulky item storage. 

The “Radio Patrolman” unit is a two-drawer version and features a deep upper drawer for larger equipment and weapons, and a shallow lower drawer for sensitive electronics such as laptops and radio equipment. 


While providing theft protection products for police vehicles, Tuffy Security Products also offers some unique products such as its security bolt locker for winches and other bolts that prevent access to the head with a wrench. The bolt lock secures winches, racks, mounted tools and other bolt-on items. The lock is secured with a double-bitted, 10-tumbler, Tuffy lock with an exclusive cam latching design. 

Tuffy Security Products features its full width, under rear seat lockbox for the F150 crew cab truck, under rear seat lockbox for the F-150 X-Cab, and under rear seat lockbox for the F150 crew cab with or without a subwoofer speaker.

Stephenie Slahor, Ph.D., J.D., writes in the fields of law enforcement and security. She can be reached at

Published in Law and Order, Aug 2012

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