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2005 NAUMD Best Dressed Law Enforcement Awards

For 28 years, the National Association of Uniform Manufacturers & Distributors (NAUMD) has had the honor of viewing some of the best-dressed law enforcement officers in this country. Over the years, the law enforcement officers’ uniform has come to represent many things for the officer and the public who depend on their community police force. For the officer who puts on a uniform everyday, it is their first line of defense against those who challenge authority and break the law and yet, the uniformed officer is the first “recognized” safe person for most children. It is a unique combination of duties for any one article of clothing. The best-dressed law enforcement officers’ uniform projects an image of respect, of authority, and of constant professionalism. As a result, even as uniform designs change due to function, fabrics, and job factors, many could say a uniform is timeless, especially those who depend on it most, the everyday officers.

Each year the NAUMD sponsors the Best-Dressed Law Enforcement Award that honors and publicly acknowledges police departments across America. This competition supports the professionalism of the appearance of law enforcement officers by emphasizing the importance of the officers’ uniform. All United States law enforcement departments are eligible to participate in the NAUMD Best Dressed Law Enforcement competition; this year a wide variety of states and departments were represented.

Our judges review each department’s professional appearance, uniform diversity, and pay attention to detail and written standards. Written standards provide every officer instruction for a “uniform” look to be presented. Since many officers have specific assignments and patrol details, there are many factors to consider when deciding to purchase uniforms for a department. The judges pay close attention to how the uniform fits the job function. They review details of the overall uniform appearance, neatness, proper fit, and the public’s immediate recognition of the uniform to the law enforcement officer. NAUMD is proud to present the 2005 Best Dressed Law Enforcement Winners!

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2005

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