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2005 NAUMD City Under 200 Officers Winner

Franconia Township Police Department
Franconia, PA

The handsome rural setting of Franconia Township makes one realize that large or small, all communities depend on their law enforcement departments to make theirs the ideal community in which to live. Franconia measurers 15 square miles, and offers breathtaking landscapes, rolling hills, family farms, and 15 well-dressed police officers; all are well equipped and ready to handle the many unique calls of a rural police setting. The department’s award winning uniform provides the officers, the citizens, and the visitors of Franconia with a unique and recognizable uniform image. The Class A uniform has navy trousers in a poly/wool blend that is marked by a wide one-inch oyster blue/grey stripe on the side seam. The short-sleeved shirts for summer are in oyster blue set off with silver buttons, imprinted with the state seal of Pennsylvania. The shoulder epaulets are in the same oyster blue of the shirt and are held in place with a single silver button. The winter and fall uniform include a navy turtleneck or poly/wool navy tie paired with a long sleeved oyster blue shirt. Management issues a uniform schedule to officers listing which shirt combination will be worn, to ensure a cohesive look. All uniforms are complimented with a Persian style hat in navy with a black leather top strap and “Philly Visor.” The hat is piped with the same oyster blue/grey fabric of the uniform shirt. Officers’ hats are completed with gold trim, buttons, and shield. The patrol officer’s hat has silver trim, shield, and buttons.

On April 1, 2005, the Franconia Bike patrol unit hit the pedals, having completed an intense 40-hour course offered through the International Police Mountain Bike Association. The department is very proud of their new Bike Patrol unit, and the unit’s uniform fits right in with the whole department. Their black/navy, cotton/poly blends BDU style shorts or full-length pant is functional and is paired with a dark navy or white polo shirt, which allows for full shoulder movement. The department’s shoulder patch and shield is embroidered on the shirt along with the officer’s name. A bike helmet with white reflective tape and bike duty belt is worn to complete this officer’s uniform.

“In 2000, the department modernized the appearance of the old uniforms in order to make the department more distinguished. The department also implemented new uniform standards to enhance their image, thus reflecting their high level of integrity and professionalism. Due to the individualized and unique appearance of our uniforms, the community can immediately identify Franconia Township Police from any surrounding departments,” states Detective George Moyer of Franconia.

Congratulations to the Dealers and Manufacturers who dress this winning department. All uniforms are custom tailored by Red The Uniform Tailor and outerwear and footwear are from Galls, Inc, and Atlantic Tactical. BDU’s are from Captain Clothing in Pittsburgh, PA.

To learn more about the Franconia Township Police Department and its many programs visit them on the web—one visit to the community’s web site will have you ready to move!

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2005

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