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2005 NAUMD City Over 200 Officers Winner

Tucson City Police Department
Tucson, AZ

“Ready to Protect, Proud to Serve” is the motto for the Tucson City Police Department. Considering they are one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, this department “looks” ready and is able to Protect and Serve. A visit to the city’s police department’s web site will provide the viewer with a wide selection of very impressive programs that keeps the department’s goal forefront in all that they do within the community. The number of uniformed officers alone will be increasing by 400 over the next five years. The Tucson patrol officers’ uniform of dark navy, makes a stark contrast in this desert city with 360 days of sunshine. The officers dark navy (LAPD navy) 75/25 poly/wool blended trousers are paired with the same dark navy shirt that is a poly/rayon blend in a tropical weave. The shirts have double breast pockets with pleats and military pleats built into the shirts on both front and back. The Tucson police patch is worn on both shoulders. Officers keep the hot sun from their faces with an eight-point dress hat or baseball cap, depending on the patrol detail. Commanding officers wear a white dress shirt of the same poly/rayon blend in a tropical weave, as well as an optional long/short sleeved shirt for administrative dress and a long sleeve/short sleeved shirt in dark blue for field dress.

With 120 parks, hiking trails and small neighborhoods to patrol, the Bike Unit wears dark navy BDU style shorts, which provide flexibility and comfort. A long sleeved white cotton polo styled shirt makes the bike patrol officer easy to spot and keeps him cool with this moisture wicked fabric, the long sleeves also prevent sunburn. The officers name, shield and department patch are embroidered into the shirt for the officer’s safety.

Congratulations to the Dealers and Manufacturers who work to put together this winning uniform program: Jeri’s Uniforms and Pima Uniforms both local distributors for Fechheimer Brothers, footwear from Rocky Shoes & Boots and other items from 5.11 Tactical.

Classic, clean and concise are the best words to use when describing the Tucson City Police department. This department has established the perfect uniform look and has come a long way considering their wild west roots. Visit their web site and read about their GREAT program(s) and history.

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2005

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