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2005 NAUMD County Agency Winner

Harris County Sheriff
Houston, TX

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office was founded in 1837, in what was then Harrisburg County in the Republic of Texas. At that time, the Sheriff’s Office consisted of the Sheriff, his horse, and a jail built out of logs. Today, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office employs nearly 4,000 people, maintains four state-of-the-art jail facilities with a capacity of over 9,000 people, and employs innovative technology in conducting investigations. As the department changes, however, they acknowledge and revere their rich heritage of Texas law enforcement. One finds evidence of this in the Harris Sheriff’s uniform, which includes a western styled hat, a straw hat for the summer and felt hat for the winter, as well as “Roper” style boots,coupled with a traditional seven-point star badge that bears the Texas state seal. The department’s Honor Guard keeps with tradition wearing a tan western hat that is paired with a dark navy “Ike Jacket” with a center row of silver buttons embossed with the state seal. The jacket displays rank awards, and shield with clarity and prominence. The shoulder aiguillette matches the ascot in either a gold or white. The Honor Guard wears a leather duty belt that holds all required items of the daily patrol officer. The uniform is completed with tan poly/wool trousers accented with a navy side stripe with gold piping on both sides. This group is the only unit required to wear the “western” style boots as a part of their uniform design. The sheriff’s daily uniform of dark navy blue (LAPD navy) trousers has a navy side seam stripe trimmed with a gold pin stripe. These impressive trousers are partnered with a dark navy blue shirt. Sheriff’s wear long sleeved shirts with a navy tie for winter, and a short-sleeved open collared shirt for summer. The western tradition is maintained with the dark navy, gold trimmed epaulets that are secured with gold buttons. A western tan “Stetson” hat completes the sheriff’s uniform. This distinctive uniform immediately identifies the wearer as a member of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department.

“Our Texas heritage is also signified in the department’s official patch, which depicts Justice superimposed over the state of Texas along with a banner that proclaims the Sheriff’s Office to be the ‘Pride of Texas.’ The men and women of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, ever mindful of their status as employees of one of the state’s premier law enforcement agencies, strive to represent the Sheriff’s Office in a professional, dignified manner and to demonstrate excellence in both appearance and deportment,” stated Lieutenant John Martin. Congratulations to the Dealers and Manufacturers who dress this winning department: Perfection Uniforms, Gerber Clothing, Blauer Manufacturing, Bailey Hats, Lone Star Uniforms, and Allen’s Western Wear.

Visit the great state of Texas via the Harris County Sheriff’s web site to learn what NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT means.

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2005

Rating : 10.0

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