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World Sniper Championships

I first became familiar with the Operational Tactics World Sniper Championship while looking through a SWAT magazine. At the time, I had very little knowledge of Operational Tactics and while I had participated in many competitions, I had never participated in one where a Grand Prize of $10,000 was awarded. My initial inclination was to compete due to the Grand Prize and had little to do with the educational and operational readiness aspects of the competition. The competition was held in Phoenix, AZ. in April of 2000. From day one of the competition, participants from military and law enforcement agencies all over the world were challenged in many areas of sniping. The competition did not play to any one group of individual strengths, but, challenged participants in all areas that were tested. Events were designed to evaluate sniper proficiency in the areas of unknown distance target engagement, moving targets, stress shots, lowlight shooting, and the importance of teamwork. This was accomplished not in a traditionally stagnant or static fashion, but in an operationally related manner. As the competition progressed, the training and education that the participants were receiving outweighed the monetary awards that were given away. The purpose of this competition was not to teach you how to shoot, but rather to enhance the abilities of every shooter and to introduce them to newer and more exciting training ideas for future references. Medals were given in all events to the top three teams and to the top five overall teams. My partner and I received medals in the competition and even though we did not win the $10,000, we most importantly, improved as snipers and gained a better sense of operational preparedness. The training and lessons learned during the World Sniper Championship has paid many dividends in my training and on operations. In addition to these benefits, everyone in attendance met many new friends and contacts. We had a very enjoyable time even though we were competing against each other. While the World Sniper Championship is not an event that teaches you how to shoot, the education and training ideas that it provides will enhance your skills regardless of your proficiency level. I recommend it, not only, to everyone wanting to compete for the unprecedented prizes, but also to those simply seeking to become more proficient snipers or gain new and exciting ideas for training. Regardless of your motivation to come, I guarantee those that attend will leave more operationally prepared. The next World Sniper Championship will be held June 5-8, 2005, in Camp Atterbury, Indiana. For further information contact Operational Tactics, Inc. at 301-996-SWAT(7928) or Sergeant Bobby Day, (U-191) is both a member of the Kentucky State Police and its Special Response Team.

Published in Tactical Response, Jan/Feb 2005

Rating : 10.0

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