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Narc-Scent for Undercover Cops

In the world of under-cover narcotics, buying dope on the street often requires the abilities of an actor, in addition to those of a police officer or agent. In neighborhoods where drug enforcement is high, dope dealers are very reluctant to sell to people with whom they are not familiar. That is because they know the routine of law enforcement involves sending an undercover officer to make the purchase, just like any other user, which later results in their arrest.

The seasoned and successful undercover narcotics operative knows the target, the drug culture and its customs. Drug agents recognize the need to blend into this sub-culture and devise various methods to fit their appearance with the underworld of vice. The right look and lingo are employed to give a vibe that coaxes the dealers into believing that the agent is someone they can do business with. Sometimes, however, these methods alone are not enough.

Drug dealers have been known to ask the undercover to smoke the product in front of them or produce the pipe, stem or other instrument intended for later usage. All these are attempts to verify that the buyer is not law enforcement. Blending in this way can make the difference between a successful case and a “bad op.” The dealers need to be convinced through their senses that the buyer is legitimate in their mind.

The undercover agent may dress a certain way and drive a certain type of car to visually convince the seller. He may change his accent and use the right street terminology to appease the dealer’s sense of hearing. He might even gargle with beer to fool the dealer’s sense of smell. All of these methods are used to give the right “feeling” to the dealer.

However, the smell of beer or some other alcoholic beverage is not a sure and convincing method to assuage a dealer’s suspicions. Certainly not as convincing as would be the smell associated with an illegal product, one that most would never expect a law enforcement officer to be using.

That’s why Narc-Scent Incorporated has developed two new products in an attempt to alleviate this problem for under-cover narcotics operatives. These products, when incorporated into an undercover operation, can fill the gap in a dealer’s suspicion.

The first is a type of incense stick that, when burned, produces a similar odor to that of smoked marijuana. These sticks can be burned inside the narcotics officer’s vehicle before or during street buy operations, usually concealed in a closed ashtray. The smoke can also fill the undercover operatives clothing so as to exude the smell of a user. The smell of burning marijuana is designed to deceive the dealer into believing the buyer is an actual doper.

The basis behind this new product is simple. Street dealers know that law enforcement cannot smoke marijuana legally. If the dealer believes that the person requesting the dope has just smoked marijuana, the chances of making the buy will increase considerably. The Narc-Scent stick when burned produces this effect with an odor that cannot be discerned from the real thing.

The second product is a loose weed version of the stick. This product can be rolled into an imitation marijuana cigarette and used in any application as if it were real marijuana. Both products are comprised of totally organic ingredients that contain no THC, the chemical that creates the intoxicating effect in marijuana. The proprietary blend produces a smell that will fool even the most experienced cop and criminal.

According to initial field applications by the Manatee County Florida Sheriff’s Office Narcotics unit, the smell of these products are very authentic and has increased their success in street level operations.

Although this product was initially designed for field use, it can also be incorporated as a training aid and is being noticed as such throughout the country. Academies understand that by using this product in the classroom, it will give new officers the edge when working the streets, as well as the advantage of experience during courtroom testimony. Narc-Scent is the fast, sure, and honest answer to the defense attorney’s inquisition about how an upstanding law enforcement officer could possibly know the distinct smell of burnt marijuana without having actually used it.

This product also offers school resource officers an example to share with kids, as well as parents, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the odor of marijuana for awareness and recognition. In addition, transportation baggage screeners, customs inspectors and corrections officers can benefit by recognizing the smell of marijuana in the course of their duties.

Narc-Scent Incorporated provides the tactical edge to law enforcement and those who nobly do battle in the war on drugs. Whether on the street in an undercover operation, in the classroom training the next generation to wear the shield, on the front lines of interdiction or in the home giving parents the tools to raise our nation’s future, Narc-Scent products can be a key component to success.

Timothy Haffner is an investigator with the Hendry County, FL Sheriff’s Office and may be reached at

Published in Law and Order, Feb 2005

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Damn Lie

Posted on : Apr 6 at 3:54 AM By TX State Trooper

You know they're really just smoking pot right? This shit doesn't exist


Posted on : May 28 at 4:06 PM By Alex

With this being public knowledge now, doesnt it defeat the purpose?


Posted on : Nov 25 at 4:49 PM By curious

why would you post this for the drug dealers to see???????

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