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New Vehicle Accessories for 2006, Part 1 of 4

911 EP

911EP®, a unit of Armor Holdings Products Division, introduced a series of new switch boxes to complement its line of low-profile, innovative and technically advanced lighting products for the law enforcement and public safety markets. The Orion™ line of switch boxes controls functions for all 911EP products.

Complying with SAE recommendations, all three switch boxes offer annunciated backlit momentary push buttons, as well as LED traffic director indicators. The Orion switch boxes offer a low-profile design that fits efficiently into any console. This switch box solution is available in the following models:

Orion™ Elite is designed specifically for the GALAXY Elite™ Lightbar to offer a fast and easy, six-wire installation. The Elite has a four-position progressive slide switch and four computer-controlled momentary buttons and incorporates the computer interface compatibility and future upgradeability of the GALAXY Elite. Traditional outputs are also integrated for compatibility with additional vehicle equipment.

Orion™ Standard is designed for the GALAXY Lightbar. The Standard has a four-position progressive slide switch and four computer-controlled momentary buttons providing functionality of the GALAXY.

Orion™ Controller is designed for the entire line of 911EP perimeter lighting, including the LED Star, LS12, 360 Star, Traffic Director and Warning Light, in addition to any low-current 12-volt products. The Controller has four computer-controlled momentary push buttons, as well as LED traffic director indicators.

Big Sky Racks

The new ELS-300 Model from Big Sky Racks is a single-rack locking system that secures a variety of weapons. It is the only system in the industry with quick-change inserts. The ELS-300 Rack System allows officers who are changing shifts or vehicles to quickly and easily remove and replace molded ELS-300 Quick-Change Inserts for their particular duty weapon.

The Quick-Change Inserts are designed to be individually inserted into the ELS lock assembly, available in four styles accommodating standard configuration auto or pump-action shotguns and AR-15 or MP-5 rifles. They can also be modified to accommodate weapons not listed above.

Blueline Industries

When an officer seatbelts a prisoner in his vehicle, will that prisoner still be secured after transport? Many officers may take this situation for granted. The SEATBELTLOCK from Blueline Industries is a patented device designed to secure suspects in seatbelts. Suspects can no longer unfasten their seatbelts, damage vehicles, or escape. It also prevents driver distraction, vehicle downtime, and vehicle thefts.

With SEATBELTLOCK, the suspect stays buckled in until the officer uses a standard handcuff key to release the seatbelt. This simple device increases officer safety and prisoner security in addition to saving a law enforcement agency thousands of dollars in damage to vehicles, potential liability, and untold man-hours in recapture of escaped suspects.

Carson Sirens

A leader in emergency sirens, speakers, and switch boxes, Carson Sirens offers a new generation of products for police, ambulance/EMS, volunteer, and fire rescue vehicles. The new SC-409 COMMANDER light control siren boasts five new patent-pending features that are considered major technological advancements in the emergency vehicle warning industry.

The SC-409 COMMANDER is a 100/200 watt siren with a lever/slide switch for primary light control and six auxiliary switches to control lights, gun locks, directional lights, and other ancillary equipment. It features two hands-free modes on the rotary switch along with Sweep and Intersection hands-free overrides available when a traditional siren tone is selected. The unit is LED backlit for nighttime visibility with the auxiliary switches turning red when activated.

The SC-409 COMMANDER's five new patent pending features include, 1) Video Trigger: a dedicated line to a video system that signals it to record when the lever switch or selected auxiliary switches are activated, 2) Face Programmability: Intuitively select each switch's function by pushing the button to scroll through different control options like on/off, on/off with Video Trigger, momentary and timed momentary. The COMMANDER includes, 3) Lever Switch Programmability: Select whether the lever switch activates the outputs progressively, independently/non-progressively, or a combination of the two in a partially progressive fashion. Also, the installer may tie auxiliary switches to the lever switch to be automatically activated. The COMMANDER also includes, 4) Face Diagnostic Indicators: Each light and siren output is individually protected with externally exposed fuses with independent sensors at the connectors that display the status of each output on the face of the unit. Audible and visual alerts are transmitted when the sensor detects an output that is down, and 5) Splash Resistant Rubberized Face: The unit incorporates built-in auxiliary and siren switches with backlighting and flanges to seal around the actuators and knobs for improved protection for the internal circuitry from common accidental spills.

Cast Products, Inc.

Cast Products, Inc (CPI) is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in cast aluminum products for emergency medical, fire fighting, police, and specialty vehicles. Product applications include: Light Housings, Lightbar Brackets, Vents, Siren Speakers, Door Hardware, Deck Light Housings, Ladder Brackets, Flanges and Rings, etc. CPI's Engineering Department and Tooling Specialists continue to utilize CAD/CAM and CNC technology to provide innovative parts for agencies across the country.

Some of CPI's new products include a Lightbar Bracket, the R3.40-inch Round Stanchion Bracket and Lid. It features a polished exterior band and the top is 120 grit ground. The lid is wheel-a-brated. It is designed to mount on top of a 2.50-inch square post. Another new product from CPI is the Grille Mount Light Housing for the Ford F350 SD-Passenger Vehicle. This is for the 400 series LED only.

CPI also offers Intersection Light Housing for three Whelen 500 series LED Lights to mount to the front fender of the 2004-05 Chevy C4500. The Siren Speaker Assembly designed for the 2006 Dodge Charger is a unique CPI product as well. It is black powder-coated and the support bracket is wheel-a-brated gray.

In addition, CPI can help agencies design unique castings through the aid of 3D Parametric Solid Modeling. CPI is able to produce rendered photographs of the castings and assemblies to deliver accurate designs to customers. Through software error checking, this ensures that their end products will meet any agency's satisfaction, before any tooling process has begun.

Code 3

Code 3® Inc is introducing their newest lightbar, the XF-2300, on February 1, 2006. The new lightbar features X-Fire white strobe intersection lights, front-facing and rear-facing three-up Optix LED lights, and six-up Optix LEDs in the corners, providing maximum visibility and exposure to ensure officer safety.

All LEDs are available in red, blue, amber, or white, and are offered in a variety of flash patterns including steady-burn, Quad-flash, and cycle-flash. Dual stack options are offered for all LED locations. The bar can also be configured with an Amber ArrowStik® and full-length Red/Blue signals, providing a broad variety of alternatives for every situation an officer might encounter.

Additional XF-2300 options include "PS3" LED Take-Down lights, or 55-watt halogen Take-Down lights, and 55-watt Alley lights. Offered in a variety of sizes, the new bar is sure to be a popular addition to the comprehensive line of products already offered by Code 3.


Empco-Lite put more than 30 years experience in the traffic safety industry into the design and manufacture of its Flare-Lite. The Flare-Lite is a non-pyrotechnic light that is visible 1,000 feet in daylight and more than one mile at night. Twelve LEDs produce the high-intensity light output in each direction.

The LED has a life of more than 100,000 hours with no filaments to burn out or breakable glass tubes. The Flare-Lite can be held like a flashlight or dropped into a traffic cone. The Cone-Flare is bi-directional only.

Federal Signal

Federal Signal revolutionized the emergency warning industry with the introduction of its VISION® lighting system. Not only did it incorporate advanced electronic controls and state-of-the-art optical design, but it was also the first lightbar designed from the outset to address critical off-axis visibility issues.

The patented V-shaped system, with its offset lighting pods, maximizes the warning signal to vital 45 and 90-degree intersection angles, where most emergency vehicle accidents occur. This level of protection cannot be matched by conventional linear lightbars.

The latest evolution of the Federal Signal V-shaped lightbar platform employs breakthrough SOLARIS™ LED reflector technology, for even better straight-ahead and off-axis performance. The proprietary SOLARIS light assemblies incorporate offset, compound reflector surfaces for accurate beam shaping and high optical efficiency. This maximizes the performance of the LEDs, creating the brightness necessary for officer safety and standards compliance, without adding the cost and complexity of more LEDs.

SOLARIS LED assemblies cut amperage draw to a minimum, reducing the demands on vehicle electrical systems. In addition, the LEDs stand up to the harsh environments, severe vibrations, and tough duty cycles that can dramatically shorten halogen and strobe performance, virtually eliminating downtime for lightbar repairs and bulb changing.

The V-shaped lightbars can include six-LED SOLARIS reflectors in amber, blue, red, and white to meet all requirements. All SOLARIS LED assemblies are backed by a five-year warranty.


Officers now have an innovative alternative to dangerous strike flares with the FlareAlert from the Keystone Group. The FlareAlert™ is a battery-operated electronic safety flare visible for miles from both the ground and the air. It is weather resistant, lightweight, and requires only two AA batteries.

Its built-in magnetic base makes it crush resistant and safe for outdoor or indoor use. The FlareAlert™ has a battery life of approximately 20 hours in flash mode and six hours in steady-on mode. The bulb life is approximately 10 years, or 100,000 hours.

Since there are no flames or fumes, officers can feel safer when using the FlareAlert™. In addition, it is reusable, so an agency will recover its purchasing costs in less than three hours of use. There are countless applications for law enforcement, public transportation, government and fire personnel, including: lane closures, and rescue operations, and motorcycle units.


Known for the modular design of their mounting systems, Gamber-Johnson offers a wide variety of components to fit any department's needs. Since many officers use laptops now in their everyday patrol, Gamber-Johnson has developed the first and only universal computer cradle to accommodate wider laptop computers. The cradle accommodates computer widths up to 16.38 inches wide. Curved hold-down clips adjust to fit any laptop while maintaining a firm, safe grip.

An offset front retainer and rear support brackets add forward/backward restraint. A 90-degree Wing Turn closure latch allows for fast initial size adjustment and has a built-in key lock. The NotePad™ IV-XL joins Gamber-Johnson's NotePad™ line, which currently has a standard universal laptop cradle that fits most standard-sized laptops and a seatmount that attaches to the passenger side seat with the safety belt.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Jan/Feb 2006

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