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New Vehicle Accessories for 2006 (Part 3)


RediAlert is the first truly transportable LED Emergency Message Sign. Officers can store the signs in their vehicles’ trunks and deploy them in less than five minutes. On site, the officer simply unloads, sets up and types in the emergency message. The patented LED technology uses a 12-volt battery so no generator is needed. RediAlert’s sturdy design makes it weather resistant and it meets DOT specifications.

Messages can be changed as situations dictate; choose from an array of preprogrammed messages or create event-specific messages. Three mounting options are available: wheel-based, trailer hitch, or stand alone, with telescoping legs and stabilizer that adjust for uneven surfaces.

In addition, the two interlocking face panels can be stacked for up to three lines of text, or changed for multi-directional messaging. RediAlert is ideal for many markets and applications, including: Emergency Routing, Disaster Response, Amber Alert, Traffic Incident Information, First Responders, HAZMAT Materials, Crowd Control.

Santa Cruz Gunlocks

Santa Cruz Gunlocks’ Model SC-5 universal gunlock will safely hold any long gun in a patrol car, in the armory, or in the home. Conventional gunlocks do not work well with today’s advanced rifles with a number of auxiliary devices on the forestock. The lock is made from stainless steel, and soft rubber protects weapon surfaces.

A special feature of the lock is that it can be shifted along a steel bar to grab a weapon anywhere from behind the trigger to the tip of the barrel. Switch one rifle/shotgun out, move the lock, and put in a different weapon. The lock comes with an electric pushbutton and a variety of manual key overrides.


Setina Manufacturing’s New Single Prisoner Transport System (SPT) comes with all the standard features of a Setina product, even though the partition is only designed to contain a single occupant. The front part of the partition still maintains the Setina standard, full-vehicle width, heavy-duty roll-bar style framework with protective padding.

The new partition also features heavy-duty steel panels and your choice of either a standard-coated expanded metal window or optional coated scratch-resistant polycarbonate. The center divider is made of coated scratch-resistant polycarbonate and is molded to the shape of the backseat area. On passenger cars, the area behind the driver’s seat is an open space for equipment storage or the full adjustment and reclining of the driver’s seat for maximum comfort.

The area behind the passenger seat is a full barrier wall. On SUVs, a full standard partition wall is maintained behind both the driver and passenger sides to allow for protection from shifting cargo from the rear. There is also a wall behind the prisoner area to protect the prisoner from shifting cargo. The area behind the driver’s wall is open all the way to the rear cargo area of the vehicle.

Signal Vehicle Products

The new Star Razor™ Lightbars from Signal Vehicle Products feature a wider design for better light distribution. The lights are very low-profile at 2.75 inches high. The lenses and filters for all Star Razor™ Lightbars are available in red, blue, amber, green, and clear. Strobe, Halogen, and LED options are also available.

Super bright M-Tech™ high-intensity linear LED heads make everything brighter. However, Halogen Takedown/Pursuit lights and Halogen Alley lights are an option. In addition, 4.5-inch or 7-inch linear strobe heads are available, as well as halogen intersection clearing lights and custom lightbar configurations.

SoundOff Signal

SoundOff Signal offers a variety of emergency and commercial vehicle safety products for fleets of all sizes. The Pilot is a powerful new LED Light from SoundOff Signal. This compelling model features Generation Three LEDs, eight in the single, and 12 in the dual. The built-in suction cup mount gives officers the freedom to mount accessories on the windshield or rear deck of any emergency vehicle.

The mount allows for height and tilt adjustment to fit snugly against the window. Both lights have 16 flash patterns to choose from, and the dual version has four new “x-patterns” that flash the upper three diodes of one quadrant against the lower three diodes of the opposite quadrant.


TOMAR’s advanced design and cutting-edge innovation shine through with the introduction of The Blade™ Low-Profile Lightbar. Not only is The Blade™ one of the thinnest lightbars in the industry, it’s also the brightest among all lightbars. Engineered with the latest LED technology, The Blade™ is revolutionary in its modular design allowing for unparalleled versatility.

The Blade™ also features up to nine High-Performance modules to the front (eight with take-down) and up to nine High-Performance modules to the rear with integrated Traffic Director. It is available in 44-inch, 49-inch, and 54-inch lengths. Other options include: adjustable beam angle LED takedown and alley lights, integrated traffic direction feature, and multiple user-programmable flash patterns.

Truck Vault

TruckVault, Inc, the market leader of secure in-vehicle equipment storage solutions to the public safety and sports enthusiast communities, announced the release of its newest model of low-profile command centers, the TruckVault Special Ops Center.

The Special Ops Center was designed specifically to meet the needs of public safety professionals and first responders, offering side-by-side full-length weapons/utility drawers and a full-width map drawer, with a forward-facing utility box with removable lid, easily accessible from within the vehicle for less-used emergency tools such as tire chains, road flares, point-of-entry tools, flashlights, etc.

The low height of the Special Ops Center, combined with a top-loading capacity of more than 2,000 pounds, provides plenty of storage space for bulkier gear, equipment bags, shields, and more. Also featuring two 10-button GE Supra combination locks, rolled-steel cam guards, low-profile spring-loaded handles, and durable black composite drawer fronts, the Special Operations Center is a key asset to any operator in the field.


TurboFlare USA announced the new TurboFlare Alert, which incorporates an Electronic Motion Detector Early Warning and Anti-Theft System in the TurboFlare and TurboFlare “SOS” day/night emergency road flare. This new high-tech electronic system will notify the officer of any interference from vehicles entering into their TurboFlare traffic control pattern/lane closure, or anyone who may try to steel a TurboFlare from the pattern, with a constant solid beep sent to the officer’s receiver attached to his shoulder flap on his uniform shirt.

TurboFlare USA has added a motion sensor to each TurboFlare Circuit Board, that when struck or picked up, will send a solid beep to a receiver worn by the officer and notify him of a DUI driver, medically impaired driver, sleepy driver, or someone who doesn’t know the difference between his accelerator and his brake pedal. It will also signal the officer should a passing motorist decide he would like to collect one of his TurboFlares.

The TurboFlare is the only electronic road flare that can be used during both day and night. The Turbo-pennants that attach to the top of each flare are used to deploy and recover in a single trip to and from the police vehicle. They are very high profile during the day when the LEDs are not as noticeable.

The Turbo-pennants are used at night for added protection when motorists perceived from a distance that the flares can be run over. They see the reflection and height of the Turbo-pennants and veer away from the traffic pattern as not to damage their vehicle when they approach the scene.

Unity Manufacturing Co

The Life Shield™ Officer Warning System from Unity Manufacturing Co is a supplemental self-arming audible warning system that alerts an officer to movement near the vehicle, specifically the driver’s side door. It is incorporated in the Unity® post-mount spotlight. Life Shield™ works by positioning the beam of light from the spotlight into the outside rear view mirror of the vehicle that is pulled over.

After stopping an offending driver, Life Shield™ self-arms by sensing the officer’s return to the patrol car. Its sensors are then activated and will audibly alert the officer when the invisible beams are broken. The officer can react to the warning appropriately, thus possibly saving lives.

The sensor emits five laser beams that are strategically positioned around the perimeter of the spotlight beam. Once armed, they project up to 35 feet or until they reach the intended target or vehicle. They then react approximately one foot and will set off an audible alarm when the beams are broken. The sensor beams are controlled enough that nearby traffic or pedestrians will not set off unnecessary alarms.

Whelen Engineering

Whelen’s Inner-Edge™ Undercover Super-LED® Lighting Systems come in Forward and Rear Facing versions. Choose three or seven Linear Super-LED®, or, eight or 10 super bright TIR3™ Super-LED modules mounted in a rugged housing that fit snugly against the upper front windshield of late model Ford Crown Victoria, Expedition, Chevy Impala, Suburban, or Tahoe police vehicles.

Features include an interior lightbar that is virtually undetectable when not in operation and two MR8 halogen takedown lights. Super-LEDs are low current, vibration and moisture resistant for a long life operation. Easy installation to visor anchor points does not require drilling holes. The lighting systems are available in four safety colors. In addition, Scan-Lock™ provides multiple flash patterns and there is a five-year warranty on the LEDs.

Jennifer Gavigan is the former Associate Editor of Police Fleet Manager and LAW and ORDER Magazines.

Published in Law and Order, Feb 2006

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