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What is New in Body Armor (cont'd.)

Point Blank Body Armor

Point Blank’s VISION™ Advanced Ballistic Technology System features the highest performance, lightweight Aramid ballistic material available today. This results in highly flexible, lighter, more wearable armor. The Ballistic Panel Cover’s exclusive all-weather film laminate technology provides an environmental barrier system to protect the ballistic element. Other advances include: Durapel-Plus finish resists moisture and staining, highly abrasion resistant, and Micro ban® anti-microbial and anti-fungal performance resists odors.

The VISION™ SFT™ Carrier System’s low-friction micro fiber exterior minimizes pulling and bunching of an officer’s uniform shirt. Another advantage is the exterior mid-torso zipper closure facilitates easy loading and removal of ballistic panels for carrier changes, thus eliminating body-side seams and bulges. Point Blank’s VISION™ SFT™ is available with an internal or external suspension system that keeps ballistic panels in place. New low-profile hook and loop adjustable straps are available with four or six-point removable strapping system that eliminates the need for factory strap replacement.

In addition, the VISION™ SFT™ sports a smooth-fit, low-friction micro fiber Smart Fabric Adaptive Comfort Technology (ACT), a patented micro-encapsulated phase change material that absorbs and releases body heat providing an evaporative cooling effect to help keep the officer drier and more comfortable.

ProTech Tactical

Now, making tactical adjustments has never been easier with ProTech Tactical’s TITAN ASSAULT™ vest. This vest features a unique, detachable MOLLE closure system that allows for 360 degrees of attachment. A contoured cut across the chest makes for optimum comfort, and a 2-inch adjustable shoulder strap allows the officer to raise or lower the vest to accommodate any physique.

The Titan also features front, back and overlapping side protection with upgraded front and back hard-armor plate pockets to ease fast upgrading. A 4-inch internal cummerbund secures the back panel to the officer’s body. Other options include: upgraded NIJ Level III and Level IV hard-armor plates, detachable yoke (shoulder, collar and throat), detachable groin protector, detachable upper-arm/bicep protectors, and a complete line of modular equipment pouches.

Protective Products International

The primary task of body armor is to absorb and disperse ballistic energy as quickly as possible, completely defeating the projectile. Body armor designed and manufactured by Protective Products International provides state-of-the-art performance in a variety of situations as well as configurations and styles.

The new Python full-side coverage vest features internal suspension and new replaceable/removable straps allowing the officer to customize the fit of his vest to his body shape. The moisture wicking micro-fiber liner helps wick moisture away from the body for maximum comfort. Extra pockets inside allow the officer to easily increase his level of protection or add the optional Cool Plus™ System.

The lightweight, Supplex breathable outer shell with external front and rear zipper is available in both male and female styles. Other options for the Python include: Cool Plus™ System, trauma plates, passive flotation insert, carry bag, additional outer shells and quilted outer shell.

RBR Tactical

RBR Tactical Armor, Inc introduced four new helmets to its Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet line. The RBR Mach Series helmets combine the stopping power of RBR Level IIIA helmets with new, advanced combat helmet designs. The RBR MACH I, II, III and IV Helmets employ a secure four-point adjustable suspension system and are available in the traditional RBR Comfort-Plus design or new MIL-Spec multi-pad configurations. These helmets have already been adopted by elite special tactical units as the most capable tactical ballistic helmets today’s technology has to offer.

Second Chance

Second Chance, documenting more than 975 “SAVES,” is the body armor industry’s leader in comfort and wearability with the lightest and thinnest armor products available. Offering concealable, tactical and correctional armor, as well as ballistic helmets and shields, all Second Chance products are made with the highest quality products including KEVLAR® and TWARON®.

The MONARCH® SUMMIT™ is Second Chance’s latest generation body armor featuring ARAFLEX® VI, a patented technology constructed with 100% TWARON® Microfiliment Fibers. Combined with Second Chance’s SimuLITE™, GORETEX COMFORT COOL® and ButterflyLITE™ technologies, the sixth generation MONARCH® SUMMIT™ provides lightweight comfort with all-Aramid protection.

US Armor

The new Enforcer™ XLT Series from U.S. Armor is 25% lighter and more flexible than current all-Aramid fabric armor designs and yet it still delivers V-50 ratings far in excess of NIJ requirements. This body armor does not feel like typical body armor because the Enforcer™ XLT uses KEVLAR® Comfort XLT, the latest ballistic technology from DuPont™.

Working with proven KEVLAR® fibers and then applying state-of-the-art yarn spinning and weaving techniques, the end result fabric is more comfortable, flexible, wearable and dependable, delivering ballistic performance that exceeds expectations.

The Enforcer™ XLT Series comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The removable poly-cotton/Akwadyne with shirt tails is available in both male and female styles, including: CT-Contour (partial side protection), SP-Side Panel (full side protection), and FW-Front Wrap (front-to-back wrap, full side protection).

Jennifer Gavigan is the former Associate Editor of LAW and ORDER and Tactical Response.

Published in Tactical Response, Mar/Apr 2006

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