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Continental Selected for Police Charger

The Continental ContiProContact (P225/60R18 99V) has been selected as Original Equipment (OE) for Dodge’s two new police pursuit vehicles, the 2006 Dodge Charger and the Dodge Magnum. The Continental ContiProContact is an All-Season performance tire. It provides excellent dry traction and wet-braking as well as exceptional performance during truly aggressive handling maneuvers, typical of police operations.

Helping the overall performance of the ContiProContact are three new technologies: 1) PROactive Edge Technology, 2) Controlled Sipe Interaction and 3) PROgressive Groove Ramp.

PROactive Edge Technology is an innovation in the geometry of the tire that optimizes road grip while reducing tire noise. The increased amount of edge in the tire contact patch optimizes road grip and accomplishes superior traction, while the curved sipe design reduces tire noise and improves transfer between the edges.

This technology makes the ContiProContact best in class for wet braking based on internal testing by Continental Tire. Track testing was conducted with a comparable ContiProContact tire against a sample of leading competitor tires with similar sizes and speed ratings.

PROgressive Groove Ramp technology improves both cornering stability and water evacuation. This Continental technology utilizes a progressively rounder groove base to support the tire shoulder, resulting in a sporty, predictable feel during cornering. The groove ramp also provides an easy water evacuation path to move water quickly away from the tire.

Controlled Sipe Interaction results in reduced tread block deformation, which improves responsiveness and handling. Working together, PROactive Edge Technology, PROgressive Groove Ramp and the Controlled Sipe Interaction provide precise steering and handling in wet or dry conditions.

ContiWinterContact TS790V

To be prepared for the winter season, Continental also offers the Continental ContiWinterContact TS790V (P225/60R18 103V) as the optimum choice. This winter season tire’s refined silica tread compound and cross-linked sipe technology contributes to optimal grip on snow and ice.

Featuring an asymmetrical tread pattern with wide circumferential grooves, the ContiWinterContact TS790V provides excellent handling and braking performance with optimized hydroplane resistance. The Continental ContiWinterContact TS790V offers true winter-tire traction with speed ratings up to 150 mph. This tire turned in the best overall performance during the NIJ’s Severe Snow Tire testing.

Both the ContiProContact and the ContiWinterContact TS790V are available through Continental dealers throughout the United States and Canada as part of our government and national account program.

Continental AG

Continental is the number-one tire manufacturer in Germany, number two in Europe, and number four worldwide. In Europe, it is the largest manufacturer of passenger and light truck tires at the original equipment level and the leading maker of winter tires. Continental Tire North America, a subsidiary of Continental AG purchased General Tire in 1987.

Continental is also one of the world’s leading automotive industry suppliers offering comprehensive know-how in tire and brake technology, vehicle dynamics control, electronics and sensor systems with the aim of making individual mobility safer and more comfortable. Continental is the supplier of the police-specific, three-position Electronic Stability Program on both the Dodge Charger and the Dodge Magnum police vehicles.

The corporation is organized into four divisional areas for Passenger and Light Truck Tires, Commercial Vehicle Tires, Automotive Systems and ContiTech. The company manufactures tires for cars, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers, hydraulic and electronic brake systems (Electronic Stability Control, Anti-Lock Brakes and Traction Control Systems) and electronic air suspension systems.

Andy Love is the Marketing Communications Manager for Fleet Operations at DaimlerChrysler Motors Company and may bre reached at

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Mar/Apr 2006

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