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Virtual Interactive Combat Environment

Dynamic Animation Systems (DAS) recently introduced its Virtual Interactive Combat Environment, V.I.C.E.™. This is a simulation-based training system in which officers can practice individual and team tactics that rapidly will increase their effectiveness in real-life conflict situations.

While standing at a student station, officers individually maneuver through virtual environments, fire simulated weapons, and see the results immediately appear on a 30 square-foot screen. V.I.C.E. immerses its users in a realistic environment, which consists of vivid, lifelike graphics and sound, similar to those found in modern entertainment games.

V.I.C.E. features a powerful instructor station for scenario creation, scenario control, and after-action review preparation, and it has an observer station for live scenario viewing, mission briefing and after-action review display. Custom environments can be created with the optional content creation station.

V.I.C.E provides a comprehensive solution for training the execution of real-life tactics, techniques, and procedures. It trains the individual, the team, and the squad leader. The V.I.C.E. architecture is scalable and will support up to company level training. 

The system can be used for Tactical Decision Making training, Mission Planning and Mission Rehearsal, Situational Awareness Training, Virtual Engagement Skills Training, Dismounted Urban Operations Training for the individual through company level, Virtual Combat Convoy Training, and Forward Observer Training, among others.

In a typical installation, a system is configured by starting with the appropriate bundle of V.I.C.E. components, whether the Fire Team Starter Kit bundle, the Fire Team Bundle, or Fire Team X2 Bundle (or multiple bundles for larger training needs), and then adding individual components as necessary. 

All Bundles include onsite system installation and setup and are delivered with one pre-existing synthetic environment database, with a scenario configured for force-on-force training exercises. As such, V.I.C.E. represents an engaging platform for team tactical decision making skills training.

Published in Law and Order, Jun 2006

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