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Our all-new DaimlerChrysler Fleet Web site can be accessed at You can go directly to our police section by going to to learn more about all new Dodge Charger and Magnum police vehicles. Our site is set up so you can learn about our vehicles and manage your fleet of Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles.

The online, full line police brochure includes information on the Dodge Charger, Magnum police versions, as well as some of our special-use vehicles, such as the Dodge Sprinter, Jeep Wrangler and our GEM vehicle. Also online are Charger/Magnum fliers. The two-sided, one-page fliers include basic vehicle information such as standard features, options, and dimensions.

The Web site includes vehicle specifications and dimensions to assist in the bid-writing process. Also included are inside and outside pictures of Charger and Magnum police versions. Our 2007 Buyers Guide has been posted on the site containing information on all of our vehicles.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Web site is the Charger police vehicle video walk-around. This 15-minute video gives you a great understanding of the specific features on our all-new Dodge Charger police vehicle. The performance of the Charger and Magnum is clearly spelled out in the summary of Michigan State Police and Los Angeles County Sheriff patrol vehicle testing. Links to their sites and a summary of the testing results for 2006 Model Year are contained here.

Critical to end users of the Charger and Magnum, and available online, is the Police Upfitter’s Guide. This contains information on what to keep in mind when upfitting our vehicles with aftermarket parts. All of DCX’s police related press releases are online. So, too, is full contact information for police-specific information. You can easily locate your specific local sales/service representative.

Government agencies can access other information such as order status inquiry, vehicle service information and recall inquiry. First, however, you will need to obtain authorization to access the site. From the home page, select the link Government Fleet, then select Learn, and finally select Eligibility and Enrollment. Select the Printable Form link located on the right navigation menu.

Fill out and fax the form to obtain your Fleet Account Number (FAN) or simply contact DaimlerChrysler Fleet Information at (800) 999-FLEET. Once you have your Fleet Account Number, click on ID Registration Form. Fill out and fax the form to request Web access. You will receive by e-mail or fax your Web ID and password. Once you have your Web ID and password, select the link Manage Your Fleet and sign in.

Under Manage Your Fleet, there are three choices, 1) Order Status, 2) Vehicle Service Information and 3) Recall Inquiry. Order Status allows you to track your vehicle order status by VIN or for multiple units using your agency’s FAN. Vehicle Service Information provides access to many resources. This includes service manuals. Fleets can order service manuals, parts catalogs and owners manuals direct from DaimlerChrysler.

Also available is full online access to VIN-specific service information, including TSBs, recalls, service manuals, wiring diagrams and diagnostic procedures. We recommend that you specify access as a requirement in your government BID spec. For a nominal fee, 24 hours of access is available. Annual access is available for a discount for fleet accounts. Fleets can order our factory-authorized diagnostic scan tools direct from the manufacturer online at a substantial discount.

Information on ServiceNet is on the Web site. This is a national maintenance program that allows companies that buy or lease vehicles from DaimlerChrysler to obtain authorized dealer service and parts with instant, single-source monthly billing direct from the manufacturer. The Web site also covers service contracts. Agencies can extend or expand the warranties on their Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep vehicles to ensure protection beyond the basic new vehicle warranty.

Using the Recall Inquiry tool on the Web, agencies can determine the recall status on a specific vehicle or group of vehicles. For a specific vehicle, enter the last eight digits of the VIN. For all vehicles bought by your agency, enter your Fleet Account Number. A spreadsheet of all vehicles with open recalls will be e-mailed immediately. You can subscribe to automatic monthly e-mail updates.

Many other features are on the DaimlerChrysler Fleet Web site. Have fun exploring!

Andy Love is the marketing communications manager for Fleet Operations at DaimlerChrysler Motors Co. He can be reached at

Published in Police Fleet Manager, May/Jun 2006

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