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Vehicle Design Contest Winners Municipal Agency II

Municipal Agency II (Under 50 Officers)

First Place

Lincoln Police Department
Lincoln, CA

The Lincoln department wanted a new look that would create an enhanced image in the community. The officers wanted an “old-school” design with a black-and-white body. They also made a point to incorporate the department’s mission statement: “Professional Law Enforcement as a Community Service.”

Judges’ comments: The slogan was a nice break from the standard “To Serve and Protect.” Putting the gold star on the black instead of the white was a good use of contrast and added to the overall clean look of the design. The reflective tape and graphics, including a reflective Web site decal on the rear bumper, added to its nighttime visibility.

Second Place

Endicott Police Department
Endicott, NY

The department decided to change its paint scheme to a classic black-and-white design with “Police” going across both doors and a faded Endicott badge in the background. The highly reflective orange lettering was chosen to contrast with the black and white and stands out during the day and night.

Judges’ comments: The orange is a real attention-getter. It is not often used on police cars, but it looks great against the black and alludes to “safety orange.” The subdued badge is a nice touch.

Third Place

Akron Police Department
Akron, NY

To make their presence known on the street, the Akron officers picked black-and-white cars enhanced with reflective tape and LED lightbars. The most prominent decal is the village seal, which reflects the community through various images.

Judges’ comments: The department used graphics on the side nicely, and the village seal and the flag on the front panel were alluring. The placement of “911” on the door posts is nontraditional but effective.

Published in Law and Order, Jul 2006

Rating : 3.0

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