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Vehicle Design Contest Winners Municipal Agency I

Municipal Agency I (Over 50 Officers)

First Place

Apex Police Department
Apex, NC

The purpose of redesigning the Apex Police vehicles from black and white was to increase the visibility of the patrol cars during daytime and nighttime operation. The vehicles are equipped with reflective markings on the front, rear and sides, along with LED lights that provide 360 degree visibility.

Judges’ comments: The colors look great together. The combination is unusual and definitely gets attention. This design is way out there, but it still looks professional. Silver is the safest and most visible color for a vehicle.

Second Place

Portage Police Department
Portage, IN

This design stands out because of its flowing lines and sharp edges of the graphics package. The Portage Police noted that the design gives the illusion of motion while standing still. The markings make the vehicles identifiable as police without being overwhelming.

Judges’ comments: The white against the dark makes for a profound impact, and the striping flows beautifully with the car. The look is simple, clean and obvious.

Third Place

Aurora Police Department
Aurora, CO

Noting the country’s move back toward black-and-white police cars, the Aurora Police Department wanted to reflect that, while not losing its identity. It wanted to maintain a simple, clean design.

Judges’ comments: Splashing the black on the corners was a way of harkening back to tradition while still being unique. The car displayed a lot of essential elements, including “911,” a large “police” decal, the department Web site on the rear, a badge, and the city seal.

Published in Law and Order, Jul 2006

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