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Vehicle Design Contest Winners Sheriff's Agency

Sheriff’s Agency

First Place

Wyoming County Sheriff
Warsaw, NY

The department opted to use the traditional gold sheriff’s star with innovative, bold colors. The vehicle also includes a large “sheriff” decal and the designation for Wyoming County.

Judges’ comments: The blend of colors makes the overall appearance awesome. It doesn’t look pretentious, and the dominant shield, flag and “sheriff” decals are right on.

Second Place

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
Tampa, FL

The department chose this design because it is progressive and identifiable. It features sweeping green and gold reflective graphics with a large sheriff’s star. Also, new LED low-profile lightbars provide more visible lighting to ensure officer and public safety.

Judges’ comments: This is a good looking car. Even from the back, you know this is a sheriff’s vehicle, thanks to the stars and the bold “sheriff” decals. It also includes a flag decal, the Web site and a slogan.

Third Place

Hanover County Sheriff’s Office
Hanover, VA

The Hanover County vehicles display the department’s name, as well as decals showing the state and national accreditation and designation as a Certified Crime Prevention Community.

Judges’ comments: This distinctive design is clearly marked, containing all the right information without being cluttered. It is not overdone or underdone. The prominent “911” is a nice detail.

Published in Law and Order, Jul 2006

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