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Vehicle Design Contest Winners Federal or State Agency

First Place

Richland College Police Department
Dallas, TX

The aim of Richland College when designing its police vehicles was to create an unpretentious and distinctive package. The goals were to be easily recognizable as law enforcement vehicles and to have highly reflective designs for safety, while using the school colors—dark purple and green.

Judges’ comments: The use of purple makes the design vivid and stand out. The vehicle has all the necessary information, but it doesn’t look over crowded. All the elements are well-placed.

Second Place

Morehead State University Police Department
Morehead, KY

The university chose the design to distinguish it from other law enforcement agencies in the area. The gold lettering on the traditional black-and-white background was chosen to represent the school colors and to make the vehicle obvious as law enforcement.

Judges’ comments: The gold looks great on the black-and-white car, which is easily identifiable as a police vehicle. The university used symbols nicely, displaying a badge on the front end and a telephone on the back end with the “911” information.

Third Place

Tarrant County College Police Department
Fort Worth, TX

The college chose its design for functionality, safety and simplicity. The overall multicolored reflective markings aid in immediate identification and visibility in low-light and no-light conditions. The design displays the official college identity symbol of Tarrant County College and the state of Texas—a five-point star.

Judges’ comments: The vehicle has a lot of elements on it, including an emergency number that differs from “911.” The yellow and blue stripes are nice contrasting colors, and the amber lights and reflective markings make this a safe vehicle.

Published in Law and Order, Jul 2006

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