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Vehicle Design Contest Winners Special Purpose Vehicle

First Place

Sayreville Police Department
Sayreville, NJ

Connecting with children through visual aids and hands-on methods is one of the best ways to deliver the D.A.R.E. message, which is what the Sayreville program was going for with this vehicle. Hydraulic openings split the hood, revealing the engine, and the car features Lamborghini-style doors. The custom lettering and purple flames make this paint job stand out.

Judges’ comments: What can’t you say about this car? It serves its purpose, which is to attract kids. Huge pipes, the custom paint job, and, of course, the doors and hood will draw a crowd wherever this vehicle goes. It also displays “ D.A.R.E.” and “police” prominently.

Second Place

Cockrell Hill Police Department
Dallas, TX

This design has a fun patriotic theme with red-white-and-blue flames, but it incorporates the badge to ensure that it will be taken seriously. The badge, flames and “police” are on paintable reflective vinyl, and “police” can be seen on all four sides.

Judges’ comments: This unique D.A.R.E. vehicle will no doubt get attention. It has a nice use of sponsorship on the rear. And because having them is so trendy with teenagers right now, the underlights will help spread the drug-free message to a slightly older crowd as the D.A.R.E. car is seen around town. In addition, the reflectivity aids in the safety.

Third Place

Lansing Police Department
Lansing, IL

The partnership between business, community and police transformed this car into a race-type vehicle. It is used to encourage interactions between residents and the police at community events.

Judges’ comments: By harnessing the immense popularity of NASCAR and racing, this vehicle will draw in all ages of citizens, especially children. The design is awesome and makes for a great community connection.

Published in Law and Order, Jul 2006

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