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The Ugly Police Car Contest Winner

The prize for the winner of the Ugly Car contest will receive a graphics makeover from The Grafix Shoppe, and as many as five cars in that department will receive the new graphics. To win in this category, the vehicle graphics must show no creativity, bizarre graphics, no police authority, and have no appeal to the public. This vehicle begs the question, “What were you thinking?”

Grand Prize

Addison Police Department
Addison, NY

This design was an attempt to get the community involved that flopped. The Addison Police Department took entries from local high school students before designing the new decals for the car, which officers say has been referred to around the area as a “clown car.”

Judges’ comments: The font on the decal is hideous and cartoony. The design is ugly and unprofessional. This vehicle will not command respect from the community.

Published in Law and Order, Jul 2006

Rating : 5.8

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