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Revision Sawfly Military Eyewear System

As has been so often stated, a cop’s best weapon (aside from the brain) is his eyes. Whether training, on the range, or on the street, protection from unexpected eye hazards is essential. More than 90% of all eye injuries could be prevented by wearing the proper ballistic eyewear. Ballistic protective glasses provide an excellent balance between protection for the eyes from airborne hazards, and comfort and style.

Although a relatively young company, Revision Eyewear Ltd., has rapidly become a leader in ballistic protective eyewear. Revision’s Sawfly™ Military Eyewear System, developed for battlefield deployment, and currently seeing action with U.S. and allied forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, is now available for the U.S. law enforcement and tactical markets.

In stringent military testing, the Sawfly has proved to be the top performing ballistic eyewear system, surpassing all specification requirements for eye protection, delivering the highest levels of impact resistance, compatibility, durability, functionality and comfort. This is no easy feat given the competition. The features that make the Sawfly ideal for the military use also make it ideal for law enforcement use.

Available in two sizes for optimal fit, comfort, and performance, the Sawfly Eyewear System consists of interchangeable one-piece protective shields (lenses) that lock into a black slim-line frame, with micro-slot adjustable, soft-grip rubber-tipped arms for a precise fit. An adjustable elastic head strap is provided for additional security. The Sawfly is lightweight, weighing only 1 ounce (28.8 grams).

The Sawfly’s lenses are made of high-impact, optical-grade polycarbonate and have a hard, protective coating for scratch resistance. They are optically correct, distortion free and provide an exceptionally broad field of view, as well as 100% protection from harmful UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C rays.

Fabricated under intense pressure, polycarbonate material is flexible and gives slightly under pressure without breaking. Polycarbonate lenses are 20 times stronger than glass and six times lighter.

Sawfly eyewear is certified to ANSI Z.87.1-2003 Standard and CE certified in accordance with EN 166, EN 170 and EN 172. It meets the even more stringent U.S. military eyewear ballistic impact requirements (MIL-PRF-3101V clause (MIL-V-43511 clause 3.5.10). The high velocity impact performance of the lenses is six times greater than that required by ANSI Z871.

Just how tough is Sawfly eyewear? During independent testing conducted by ballistics technician inspector Pete Jackson, Calgary, Canada Police Service (Ret.), the Sawfly proved tough enough to withstand the shotgun blast at 16 feet.

Jackson’s testing was conducted using a Remington Model 1187 12 gauge with a 28-inch, full-choked barrel, shooting number 6 lead birdshot at 1,300 fps. The results after 37 strikes was no penetrations—quite impressive, to say the least.

Sawfly eyewear is designed to provide maximum versatility. The lenses can be quickly interchanged for optimal performance in various lighting conditions. The lenses simply snap into the slim-line frame.

The Deluxe Sawfly Kit comes with three lenses: a clear lens that maximizes light transmission for use indoors or at night, a solar lens to reduce out door glare, and a high-contrast lens for use in cloudy, dull or hazy conditions. Polarized and laser protective lenses are available by special order. The lenses are simple to change, even when heavy gloves are worn.

An optional prescription carrier is available from Revision for those who require corrective lenses. The carrier snaps into place behind the Sawfly lenses, providing necessary vision correction with the added ballistic protection of the Sawfly polycarbonate lens.

Fogging is the number one reason soldiers remove their protective eyewear. Fogging is created by a difference in temperature and humidity. Moving air will dissipate humidity, reducing or eliminating fogging. Sawfly eyewear is designed to provide maximum ventilation and airflow to reduce fogging, without compromising protection. Revision also offers special anti-fog coatings.

Sawfly eyewear is designed and tested to be compatible with in-service helmets, personal weapons and weapon sights, night vision equipment, and binoculars. As of this writing, Sawfly eyewear is on the U.S. Army’s authorized eyewear list and is being used by troops in the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND), the British Ministry of Defence, the Singapore Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) and will be delivered to Belgian soldiers shortly, as well.

The Deluxe Sawfly Kit and U.S. Military Sawfly Kit come with a fully-enclosed, zippered, storage case that holds the eyewear components. The case is equipped with a snap hook that allows it to be attached to the MOLLE or TLBV, or carried in a cargo pocket or rucksack. The case is designed to protect the Sawfly, but not to be so hard as to injure a soldier if he falls on it during combat activity. A micro-fiber cleaning bag also is included.

The Revision Sawfly Military Eyewear System is an outstanding ballistic protective eyewear system, providing excellent fit, comfort, protection and durability, at a surprisingly reasonable price. Not only has it has passed rigorous military testing, it was also rated highly by the testers on the “look cool factor.”

Eugene Nielsen provides investigative and tactical consulting services and is a former police officer. He can be reached at

Published in Tactical Response, Jul/Aug 2006

Rating : 10.0

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