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Best Dressed University Police

Shippensburg University Police Department
Shippensburg, PA

This department does not need much to encourage its officers when it comes to keeping their uniforms and appearance neat. "We're a highly visible organization, and because of this, our look and demeanor must be professional at all times," said Officer Karl Schucholz. "The chief and sergeants keep a close eye on our 17 officers throughout the day, and if there's a problem, it is expected to be immediately corrected."

Pennsylvania's Atlantic Tactical furnished the garments worn by Shippensburg's officers. The program includes winter and summer looks, as well as specialized wear for honor guard and bike patrol officers. A light gray shirt is worn with gray trousers, jackets and either a campaign-style, straw or baseball hat. These are accompanied by black belts and shoes, and black rainwear, when appropriate.

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2006

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