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Best Dressed Under 50 Officers

Baroda-Lake Township Police Department

Baroda, MI

“They had been wearing brown, sheriff-type uniforms, and were looking for a more individualized look, something that would make them stand out from other departments in the area,” said Dan Vanderholst, of Nye Uniform, the area dealer that worked with Baroda on its program. “We’re excited for them, and proud to have helped enhance their image.”

Though small, this Michigan department is big on pride, and that is reflected through its appearance. “If an unkempt officer shows up for work, he will be sent home,” noted Officer Michael Clark. “We take our job very seriously.”

The Class A outfit worn by this 22-member department and supplied through local vendor Nye Uniform features a graphite gray Stratton campaign hat, with silver braiding for officers and gold for the chief. A long-sleeved gray shirt is affixed with black epaulets, name tag and badge, which is worn on the left. The shirt is worn with gray pants that include a black stripe down the leg. If wearing a full duty belt, the department’s standard black basket weave leather is worn. Otherwise, officers wear a high gloss belt. Other wear includes a daily duty uniform, tactical and court outfits. Manufacturers who helped make this program a winner include Horace Small, Fechheimer, Blackington and Safariland.

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2006

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