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Best Dressed Under 100 Officers

Stafford Township Police Department

Manahawkin, NJ

Continuing the path laid out by now retired Chief Larry Parker, this 57-member agency places the emphasis on the physical fitness and appearance of its officers. “They are well-known for the tremendous amount of pride they have in their appearance,” commented Bruce Klein, vice president of Stafford Township’s uniform supplier, Red the Uniform Tailor (RTUT). “When a department transitions to another chief, there is often a redesign of the uniform program, but this department was adamant in maintaining the polished look begun so long ago under Chief Parker.”

Physical fitness is not just a tag line—it is a way of life for officers. They are given time daily to work out at the in-house facility or local fitness centers. Both appearance and physical fitness are measured and counted toward promotion. “It is said that a person has only one opportunity to make a good first impression,” noted current Chief Thomas Conroy. “We take full advantage of this each and every time a Stafford officer interacts with the public.”

To keep their uniforms looking top-notch, officers receive $1,500 annually toward replacement items and are provided with free unlimited dry-cleaning services. Inspections occur daily by shift sergeants, weekly by command officers and periodically by the chief of police. Their best-dressed look, supplied for many years by Red the Uniform Tailor, includes a pearl gray Stetson hat and powder blue shirt that is worn with gray tie, and trousers striped with midnight blue. Alboum is the department’s hat manufacturer.

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2006

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