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Best Dressed Under 100 Officers ( County)

Fairfield County, OH Sheriff's Office
Lancaster, OH

The Fairfield County Sheriff's Office employs 96 sworn and 35 civilian personnel. It operates two jail facilities, patrols the roads and neighborhoods, investigates crimes, serves court papers and handles all law enforcement duties throughout the county.

Such broad responsibilities require a uniform that not only looks good but is comfortable for the deputies who wear it, and it is up to the department's uniform supplier, Cincinnati-based Roy Tailors Uniform, to meet this goal. "The sheriff was with the Columbus P.D. when that department won a best-dressed award," Roy Tailors' Ken Barton said. "Since we were the vendor, he asked for our assistance in creating a winning look for Fairfield County." Additionally, the Buckeye State Sheriffs' Association has established a three-member committee that publishes a 70-page specifications manual for uniforms. "This manual establishes fabrics, construction and parts for each class of uniform," Sheriff Dave Phalen noted.

Fairfield's program includes wear for its tactical, marine, bike patrol, and Class B uniforms. The Class B consists of a black shirt with gold buttons, black leather gun belt, gray trousers with black stripe, gray tie, black shoes, a nylon jacket and gray Stetson hat. A short-sleeved black shirt is worn in summer, sans tie. Command personnel wear a blazer of the same material as the trousers without a gun belt.

All uniforms are purchased through Roy Tailors Uniforms. Vendors include Fechheimer/Flying Cross, Stratton, Thorogood, Rocky, Spiewak and Gould and Goodrich.

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2006

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