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Best Dressed State Department

Oregon Department of Corrections

Baker City, OR

The department is a paramilitary-oriented agency with a diverse employee base, many of whom are prior military or law enforcement personnel. “Their comportment in uniform sends the clear impression of professionalism and pride in our agency and our work,” said Director Max Williams of his 2,000-plus uniformed personnel.

“Their appearance speaks volumes about pride in the corrections profession and its valuable role in the public safety efforts in Oregon,” continued Roger Heldman of Blumenthal Uniforms, who worked with the department on its specifications and assisted it in the selection of manufacturers. Blumenthal also produces a Class A uniform for the department, which is custom ordered and fitted.

During the 1980s, staff members began attending basic training alongside law enforcement professionals at the state’s public safety training academy. It was during this era that the current uniform was born. Two types of hats are worn: a black baseball cap with embroidered logo is a standard issue; the honor guard cap, known as a drill instructor’s hat, is also black. The headgear is worn with charcoal gray trousers with a black stripe, and either a medium gray shirt for Class A uniforms or a light gray polo for others. All jackets, ties, shoes, belts and outerwear are black.

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2006

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