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IACP New Product Roundup, Part 1

The 113th Annual Conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police took place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center this year. A big draw of the conference is always the latest technology shown for law enforcement, including vehicle and tactical accessories. The following is a peek at some of the newest products offered by industry leaders.


5.11 introduced several new products into its collection, including: Fire-Retardant Fabric, New Gloves, Kid’s Apparel and more. 5.11’s new cotton blend fabric exceeds minimum standards of NFPA tests for after-flame and no drip. This proprietary fabric, FR-x3™, retains cotton’s breathability and comfort. FR-x3 is found on an updated version of 5.11’s authentic Tactical Pant as well as performance knits and a top-of-the-line jumpsuit.

5.11 partnered with Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts LLC to design a line of gloves with mission-specific features and function. On a different note, the 5.11 Recruit Series is a great option for parents who need kid’s clothes that are practical, durable and presentable. Other new items include retail three-pack T-shirts, three new boots, five new jackets (including new duty and casual items), a new watch (the Field Ops Watch, available in three colors), and a new polo in an interlock fabric ideal for uniform and casual wear.

54Ward Integrated Solutions

54ward’s mission is to increase emergency vehicle operator safety through the reliable operation of onboard devices. 54ward’s COREcontrol offers the user a cost-effective, reliable integration solution. COREcommand is a single operational platform that allows multiple levels of operation such as voice command, touch screen control, and traditional methods of operation. Customized to the user’s specific needs, COREcommand will interface with the most popular devices manufactured today while retaining a redundant system of mission critical devices.

COREware, the backbone of 54ward COREcontrol, is an engineered system of hardware and electronics that isolates and protects the vehicle and devices from common failures in the field. By using the highest quality electronics, harnesses, circuit protection and enclosures, 54ward COREcontrol assures the user of not only a safe operating environment but a reliable one.

Advanced Interactive Systems


Advanced Interactive Systems’ QuickRange™ Modular Live Fire Training Ranges, coupled with the AIS PRISim™ judgment simulator, provides a unique training environment wherein law enforcement professionals can combine live fire with video-based CGI, interactive scenarios for optimum training realism. 

QuickRange provides the capability to shoot live fire in Static, Tactical or Dynamic configurations. The modular design is pre-engineered to ensure 100% ballistic containment and yet can be customized to the user needs, from two to 24 shooting lanes and lengths from 40 feet to 120 feet or more. The self-contained modular unit features complete heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems approved by OSHA, EPA and NIOSH. In addition, QuickRange is fully soundproofed, safety buffered, and can be placed either inside a building, or stand alone on its own with minimal site preparation.

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp.

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp. launched a new Portable Breath Alcohol Tester called the ALERT J5. Specifically designed for law enforcement, the ALERT J5 features an electrochemical sensor (fuel cell), bright LCD display, evidential accuracy and a convenient cell phone-style user menu.

The ALERT J5 is easy to navigate and can recall up to 10 previous test results within seconds. Wireless printing is available using the optional portable impact printer. The extra-large buttons ensure that it can be used while wearing gloves, making the ALERT J5 ideally suited for law enforcement and healthcare applications.

American Body Armor


American Body Armor together with DSM has introduced FUZION™, a new top-of-the line protective vest for law enforcement professionals. FUZION vests are made of Dyneema® SB61 fibers, to provide significantly increased stopping power and trauma reduction. FUZION vests are lightweight and flexible for maximum comfort and agility.

Bates Uniform Footwear

The Ultra-Lites GX-Low made by Bates is an all-leather, low-cut, athletic-inspired shoe not only lightweight and flexible but biomechanically designed to promote the natural “roll forward” motion associated with walking and running.

A full-cushioned, removable insole combines with a lightweight, shock absorbing midsole to keep feet comfortable on even the longest days. The durable oil and slip-resistant Ultra-Lites Xtreme rubber outsole will provide grip and stability on any terrain.


At the IACP convention, Bianchi, recognized globally for unparalleled quality and design, showcased PatrolTek, the latest duty gear product line to complement its family of products. Using patented molded design technology, the PatrolTek line consists of duty belts and a wide selection of accessories. The products are made of synthetic woven fabric that is lightweight but durable enough for the rigors of street duty.

Bianchi also showcased its Model 90 Vision concealment holster designed specifically for those who carry a light mounted on their weapons. The Vision offers a semi-closed bottom design that covers the bezel of the light to protect the lens, yet is open at the muzzle end to allow debris to fall through.

Blauer Tactical Systems Inc.

The HIGH GEAR Integrated Training Helmet from Blauer Tactical Systems is a simunition-approved marking cartridge-ready helmet that allows trainers and their students to fully integrate firearms and DT into their role-player, scenario-based training sessions. Integrated scenario training is the highest level in scenario development, where close quarters tactics and force-on-force shoot/no-shoot threat discrimination is combined. HIGH GEAR is the ultimate training aid for this advanced level scenario.

Blauer Tactical Systems’ renowned HIGH GEAR Scenario Training Suit offers the next generation in force-on-force simulation training with its new MARKING CARTRIDGE COMPLIANT headgear. The new headgear allows DT and combative trainers the ability to integrate hand-to-hand with CQB. There is no gear that allows the role-player to move as realistically or that allows the operator or trainer to bring the gear into any environment to effectively train any scenario. Its innovative design deliberately transfers energy on contact so role-players behave and react realistically.

Bushmaster Firearms International LLC

Bushmaster’s gas-operated semi-automatic packs a bigger punch than its 5.56mm/.223 models—a .270 cal. 6.8mm SPC (special purpose cartridge) built for the military, but now available commercially. Velocity averages over 2,600 fps (with Hornady 115-grain V-Max). The 6.8 mm SPC was developed from a .30 Remington case shortened to fit the AR-15-type magazine. Due to case diameter, magazine capacity in a 30-round magazine shell is reduced to 26 rounds, and 6.8mm specific springs and followers are used. The bolt is also specific to this rifle—due again to case diameter—and should not be interchanged with a 5.56mm/.223 bolt.

The Uppers will fit on and work with any military pattern 5.56mm/.223 caliber Lower Receiver. Complete rifles are shipped with one 6.8mm SPC magazine, a black web sling, operator’s safety manual and orange safety block in a lockable carrying case. Upper receiver/barrel assemblies include a 6.8mm SPC specific magazine.


The 8-inch Telson Side Zip GTX from Danner incorporates a quick and easy on-and-off feature for experts in the field. A proven, durable boot on the job, the Telson Side Zip GTX takes comfort and performance to the next level by incorporating the side-zip option for easy boot entry and exit. The classic Danner lace-to-toe system adds additional stability and support.

The foundation of the Telson Side Zip GTX is the patent-pending EXO™ platform that combines Danner’s quality and durability with the lightweight performance of an athletic shoe. The Telson Side Zip GTX has a GORE-TEX® breathable, waterproof lining to keep its wearer dry and comfortable in the most demanding environment. The Telson Side Zip GTX features full-grain leather and a Cordura® upper, available in Men’s sizes 7-15 D, 8-14 EE, with half sizes to 12. 

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