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IACP New Product Roundup (cont'd. Part 2)

Don Hume Leathergoods

The IWB Strike holster made by Don Hume Leathergoods is tuckable with a Kydex belt loop. It is designed for inside the waistband to permit a shirt to tuck between the holster and belt so as to provide maximum concealment.

Other features include a locking hole through the leather above the trigger to secure the weapon in place with a lock; the holster is made of two pieces of cowhide leather for strength and durability and also features a thumb break with a safety strap. It is available in plain black finish and for use with the H&K compacts, Glocks and Sig Sauers.


EFJohnson’s 5100 Series Portable Radio is rugged, lightweight, versatile, and designed to operate in analog and digital applications. It provides a seamless evolution to next-generation networks while offering investment protection for any present communications system—all in a powerful software-controlled device that is affordable.

The 5100 includes a Model I (no display or keypad), Model II (display, basic keypad) and a Model III (display, DTMF keypad) version that features an enhanced backlit display and backlit keypad for easier viewing and usage. It also enables programming of up to 512 channels/talkgroups, supports both narrowband (12.5 kHz) and wideband (25 kHz) channel spacing, and multiple system protocols. A complete line of accessory products includes speaker microphones, headsets, surveillance kits, batteries, chargers, carrying apparatus and encryption “keyloading” devices. It is immersible to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Enforsys Inc.

The I-3 Exchange®, a public safety information sharing system from Enforsys Inc., integrates information across multiple jurisdictions, transforming disparate data into actionable intelligence. Specifically, Enforsys has implemented a groundbreaking multi-million dollar initiative to tie together the disparate information management systems of local law enforcement agencies.

Employing mobile data terminals to link police departments, the county sheriff, as well as the prosecutor and emergency management agencies in one county, the project is part of a six-county Urban Area Security Initiative that was set up by the federal government to coordinate regional response to acts of terrorism.

Extendo Bed Company Inc.

The all-new Extendo Bed Light—especially designed for SUVs—is a rollerized cargo platform allowing equipment to be suspended from the rear of a vehicle, giving easy access to tools and equipment. Rolling on steel bearings, the assembly provides up to 800 pound capacity at over 100% extension of the cargo bed with lock positions every 12 inches and easy one-hand operation. Besides carrying material, it can also be used for a field work table. Many shelving options are possible.

Extendo Beds are made in standard sizes from 3 feet to 10 feet in 6-inch increments. Custom sizes can be built for special applications. The Cargo Frame provides complete access to three sides when the unit is extended. Custom cargo carriers can be designed with side pockets, custom shelving, fold-down tables or a host of other options. Sheet-metal utility boxes are also available.

First Choice Armor

The most Advanced Quick Release Vest Available for Military or Tactical Operations is the DAC™ Vest from the Vortex™ Tactical Brand by First Choice Armor. This DAC™ Vest has a unique patent-pending quick release system known as IQRIS™—Integrated Quick Release Internal Separation. The IQRIS system allows for fast and easy access out of the vest and reassembly in less than one minute.

The DAC also features a flame-resistant inner liner and smart wire channels to allow for antenna wires to be concealed, preventing snags. And it has internal channels that allow air to circulate away from the body, increasing cooling and reducing heat stress points. The DAC also features an internal suspension chasse with an ergonomic feature designed to distribute combat gear loads toward the center and lower half of the torso, thus taking weight off the shoulders and neck. The modular design also allows other tactical add-ons including neck, groin, upper bicep and quad protection.

Fitzco/Quality Forensics

Delta Latent Products has joined the Fitzco line of products dedicated to crime-scene and crime-laboratory products. Fitzco/Delta is a distributor and manufacturer of quality supplies and equipment for the crime scene investigator serving city, county, state, federal and private enforcement agencies. Delta/Fitzco directly manufactures the highest quality latent powders and brushes, which are highly regarded by crime scene investigators.

Prior to Delta’s joining Fitzco, Fitzco focused on providing superior products to the DNA (bioscience), forensic (lab), law enforcement (evidentiary), medical (tox), and over-the-counter (diagnostic) industries. Over the years, Fitzco has extended its product line of forensic and lab products to include: the Fitzpak® brand products, processing plates, tubes, Spin-eZe, Sampact, vapor barrier pouches, needle storage tubes, heat impulse sealers and specimen collection kits, Dental DNA Identification Kit, and most recently, the FP705 DNA Specimen Paper.

Glacier Computer

Glacier Computer’s GX Magnum is a sunlight-readable version of its 10-inch GX-1000 series of rugged computers. The GX Magnum is specifically designed for several industries, including public safety, EMS, mining, farming, marine and construction, as well as other environments requiring durability and the necessity to read a computer screen in direct sunlight.

The GX Magnum features a unique, high-contrast/low-power display that allows for readability in direct sunlight. The GX Magnum boasts a low-heat, highly efficient 1 GHz Via processor, 512 MB DRAM, solid-state or rotating hard drives, and both local and wide-area wireless options. Each unit has a 10.4-inch-high contrast display, touchscreen, soft shut-down button, and a special LCD on/off switch for nighttime safety in police vehicles.

Gould & Goodrich Leather Inc.

Gould & Goodrich added the model “OTD” Taser Holster/Cuff Case combination to its product line to make the most efficient use of available space on duty belts. The product is offered in Hi-Ride Cross Draw, Swivel Cross Draw, or Strong Side Use and is available in K-Force (black, waterproof polymer laminate with a choice of black, black basket weave or hi-gloss Porvair finish) and Phoenix Advantage-Plus Nylon (genuine ballistic nylon that resists moisture, mildew, scratches and tears).

The Taser Holster/Cuff Case combo requires only the space on the belt that is normally used by the cuff case alone. This frees up space on the belt, which can then be used for other accessories.


Hatch announced its introduction of a brand new line of knee and elbow protection called XTAK at the annual IACP convention. SWAT personnel across the country tested XTAK and gave the knee pads a combined average rating of 8.33 out of 10 in comfort, durability, protection, design and suitability. The pads offer lightweight construction for low drag, a unique design for superior mobility, and targeted protection where it is needed most.

The unique “X” design provides maximum mobility and protection, and the curved form aligns with the natural shape of the knee to offer powerful spring-back action. The Rapid Deployment Clips allow for quick attachment, and the Spandex adjustable straps with hook and loop closure ensure a secure fit.

Helmet House

Two all-new Shoei motor patrol helmets from Helmet House—the Shoei RJ Platinum R LE and the Shoei MultiTec LE helmets—feature the latest in motorcycle helmet technology. The Shoei RJ Platinum LE (the law enforcement version of the RJ Platinum R) features an AIM+ shell of organic and fiberglass fibers that achieves the Snell 2005 standard shell developed with wind-tunnel testing to minimize wind noise, drag and buffeting at high speeds. In addition, the shell is predrilled to accept communication systems. Adjustable top intake and rear exhaust vents optimize airflow, and a removable and replaceable 3-D interior liner and cheekpads are channeled to easily accept eyeglass ear pieces. A two-layer EPS liner uses negative air pressure to exhaust warm air buildup around the rider’s head.

The Shoei Multi-Tec LE is engineered with an aerodynamically developed, bag-molded AIM+ shell to reduce wind noise, buffeting and drag. Single-button release chin bar flip-up operation allows easy one-hand opening of the chin bar. The chin bar stays open with a positive detente for face-to-face communication. Other features include: adjustable venting for flow-through ventilation; removable 3-D interior liner, cheek pads and chin strap cover. It is communication system ready and comes standard with a scratch-resistant UV-protected Shoei CX-1V face shield that is three-dimensionally curved for maximum optical clarity.

ICOP Digital Inc.

The ICOP Model 20/20 from ICOP Digital Inc. mounts in a standard (AM/FM) radio slot. The entire unit fits in the dash of the vehicle, with nothing in the trunk. It also includes the following standard features: built-in AM/FM radio; pre-event recording: up to 60 seconds (with two cameras simultaneously); 20 GB hard drive (up to eight hours of real-time recording in high-res mode [30 fps], or 16 hours in extended play mode); built-in GPS, with continuous lat/long display; removable hard drive in shock-resistant case; password-protected electronic lock on face plate; one Sony color camera and one low-light rear seat camera; in-vehicle classification codes, for easy search and retrieval; and wireless 900 MHz transceiver, with automatic activation (range: 1,000 feet; with belt clip).

The Wireless Mic uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Narrow band FM, which provides excellent privacy, security and avoidance of interference. “Officer HELP” button sends alert to dispatch, with GPS coordinates and vehicle ID (where compatible). Other features include: dual channel audio with independent playback (external and internal microphone); 3.8-inch TFT “Sunview” monitor with brightness adjustment; backlit control panel, with LED indicator lights and brightness adjustment; record manually, or activate automatically with lights, siren, or wireless microphone; proprietary software to prevent unauthorized access and editing of video; easy-to-use menu for customized setup; radar, speedometer, brake connection interface (where compatible).

Innocorp Ltd.

Intoxiclock™ by Innocorp Ltd. is a new concept to demonstrate how a person’s level of intoxication changes with increasing levels of alcohol ingestion and the rate at which the body metabolizes that alcohol. Many people underestimate the amount of alcohol it takes to reach a specific level of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and underestimate the amount of time it takes for the body to eliminate that alcohol from the body.

Now agencies can demonstrate how long it takes for the body to metabolize the alcohol completely out of its system. All information is entered via touchscreen. Inputs include gender, weight, time consumption began, and the number of drinks consumed. Intoxiclock™ is a 20-inch-by-30-inch touchscreen that connects to a TV and displays a countdown clock that shows just how long it takes in terms of minutes and hours to return to a BAC of 0.00.

I/O Solutions Inc.

“Fundamentals of Law Enforcement Management” is a comprehensive preparation resource for law enforcement promotional examinations that compiles all of the reference materials from five national law enforcement texts into a single volume.

“Fundamentals of Law Enforcement Management: A Comprehensive Preparation Resource for Promotional Examinations” provides an integrated selection of popular law enforcement texts and covers many of the major procedural and tactical knowledge areas measured by police promotional examinations including: Principles of Management and Supervision; Agency Organization and Planning; Community Problem Solving and Customer Service; Field Operations; Investigative Procedure; Constitutional Law; Ethical Considerations.


Kimber® LifeAct™ products are powerful, technologically advanced, non-lethal, self-defense tools. Each unit holds two powerful blasts of liquid-agent containing OC (oleoresin capsicum), the effective ingredient of pepper spray. A hit will incapacitate an assailant instantly and effectively for up to 45 minutes.

The Guardian Angel® weighs 13 ounces and is sized for carry in a pocket or purse. It also clips easily to a belt or waistband. With a 13-foot range and 90 mph delivery, it stops threats at a distance. The JPX™ takes OC to the next performance level with a 270 mph delivery, 21-foot range, quickly reloadable two-shot magazines, Picatinny rail and optional integral laser sight. The conventional shape and action makes training easy and fast. The JPX is the ultimate non-lethal option for police, especially in crowd control situations.

Knowledge Computing Corp.

COPLINK® 4.0 software from Knowledge Computing Corp. provides analysis and decision support for rapidly identifying criminal suspects, relationships and patterns that can help solve crime and thwart illegal activity. It works by allowing vast quantities of structured and seemingly unrelated data, currently housed in various incompatible databases and records management systems, to be securely organized, consolidated and rapidly analyzed over a highly secure intranet-based platform.

COPLINK® 4.0 includes the following features: advanced GUI visualization, XUL interface, open architecture and localization features; browser independent; XUL and pure Java applet user interface; 256-bit AES encryption; compliance with all 28 CFR Part 23 regulations; enhanced speed, performance and streamlined query capability; enhanced GIS mapping analysis, new extensible database schema, new statistical analysis graphs; advanced GUI tools for visualizing data in multiple new formats with cleaner, more intuitive and personalized capabilities for sorting, viewing and dicing data in unlimited ways; localization interfaces for data in multiple language formats; and INTEL LEAD® module plug and play.


Wireless transfer doesn’t have to be inefficient with L-3’s new product. Transferring large amounts of evidence from numerous vehicles simultaneously is no issue with the Intelligent Transfer feature. The system employs load balancing, which prioritizes incidents defined in the vehicle and ensures that all data is transferred at peak efficiency while maintaining chain-of-custody.

And it takes up less than half the server space of other systems with the Automated Intelligent Evidence Management feature. The lifecycle of all video is automatically managed based on definable rules that consider time, incident type, evidence need, and volume available. This process makes the most efficient use of server space with no manual intervention or maintenance needed. 

Both features are exclusive and patent-pending for L-3 Communications Mobile-Vision Inc. To learn more, call (800) 336-8475.

LaserMax Inc.

LaserMax Inc.’s new rail-mounted laser sight, the Uni-Max™, is smaller than a match box and as lightweight as a single .45 ACP round. This advanced targeting system features a patent-pending integral rail that allows the user to add other rail-mounted accessories, such as a tactical light or infra-red laser. LaserMax’s rail-mounted laser sight quickly and securely attaches to any Picatinny or Weaver-style rail, allowing for multi-use between pistol and long-gun platforms. It incorporates its own Picatinny rail mount, allowing for additional accessories to be stacked onto the unit. Mounting multiple LaserMax systems will enable both visible and infrared targeting while still maintaining a smaller footprint than competing laser sighting systems.

Constructed from durable FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon), the new laser system features a rapid and secure mounting mechanism that is consistent with firearms safety guidelines. The user can safely install the system without ever passing his hands in front of the muzzle. No special tools are required. The system is adaptable for two methods of activation, which address various operating conditions. The first method is an ambidextrous switch that can safely and easily turn the unit on by pressing in with the index finger. The second method of activation (recommended for long-gun use) is an optional remote switch for momentary on/off. The Uni-Max™ uses two 357 silver oxide batteries, which are readily available, and has a 3.5-hour run time.


LexisNexis, a leading provider of legal, news, business information and risk management services, has upgraded Accurint® LE Plus, its advanced analytical client application, to enable law enforcement analysts to search, locate and map addresses for sexual offenders.

Accurint LE Plus is a powerful desktop application built on the same technology as the Web-based Accurint and Accurint LE products already used by more than 6,000 law enforcement and government agencies. In addition to enabling users to rapidly access billions of public records, Accurint LE Plus seamlessly integrates all the analyst’s mission-critical tools, such as visual link analysis, real-time batching and enhanced mapping into one, easy-to-use desktop application.

Matthews Specialty Vehicles Inc.

Matthews Specialty Vehicles Inc. introduced its new Series 4000-102W and Series 5000-102W models. Both models range in lengths from 32 to 40 feet (up to 45 feet with the 5000-102W). Both models also feature 102-inch-wide custom aluminum bodies; heavy-duty front- or rear-engine chassis; drop ceiling with ducted air conditioning; recessed lighting; flat floor side-outs available; and custom designed interior layout.

Optional features include: galley with refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker; lavatory; fully networked CAT6 wiring with optional patch panel; satellite TV and broadband Internet; radio prep packages with antennae raceways; mast mounted cameras with full pan/tilt/zoom; conference rooms; holding cells; and an observation deck.


The ThermalTrac TIC is MSA’s first thermal imaging camera specifically designed for law enforcement use. Based on an award-winning proven TIC, the ThermalTrac Thermal Imager (TIC) gives you the best image of any TIC on the market, with a 36º field of view, optional 2X digital zoom and comprehensive display of information.

Tethered to your belt, MSA’s TIC for law enforcement is hands-free and ready for instant one-button operation when needed. This camera provides compatible ergonomics (including an exclusive dual handle for secure hand-off), best-in-class performance, outstanding durability, consistent reliability and latest technology. Uses include search and rescue, fugitive searches, surveillance, profiles, officer safety and accident investigations. The ThermalTrac is a proven handheld camera-type tool with a sensor that reacts to infrared energy and displays visible images of elusive or hidden individuals, heat sources, etc., on a 3.5-inch screen.

Night Vision Monocular

N-Vision Optics showcased the new model of its ultra compact tactical multi-purpose night vision monocular, the GT-14. The unit is offered with a choice of highest quality Gen 3 image intensifier tubes. It can be hand-held, head-mounted, helmet-mounted as a single-eye goggle, or weapon-mounted as a night scope. The new design of the monocular will allow it to operate on one AA battery.

Original S.W.A.T. Footwear Company

The SEK 9000 Boot by Original S.W.A.T. is a lightweight (43 ounces/pair) tactical boot built for stealth maneuvers in a full range of environments and situations. Built on a genuine VIBRAM outsole, the boot features an aggressive, multi-terrain tread with a cushioning EVA midsole. The outsole has built-in arch reinforcements for rope rappelling and added foot protection. The EVA midsole is topped by a lightweight, riveted steel shank sandwiched between two flexible lasting boards for superior lateral stability, torsional strength and additional under-arch protection. For added comfort, the removable molded orthotic footbeds are designed with gel inserts at the heel and forefoot.

The SEK 9000 upper is made from supple, tumbled leather, reinforced with “Armor-Dillo” abrasion resistance in critical areas for durability and added traction when in the sniper position. Original S.W.A.T. has paid attention to detail, including the omission of contrasting, light-reflecting colors and visible tongue labels on the upper part of the boot.


Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, the leading provider of durable, reliable wireless mobile PCs, introduced two new rugged Panasonic® Toughbook® computers: The CF-19 convertible tablet PC, and the flagship CF-30 clamshell notebook.

Building on the success of the CF-18 tablet and CF-29 notebook, these new Toughbooks come equipped with Intel Core Duo processors, additional security features, and optional embedded access to next-generation wireless data networks from all major cellular wireless carriers. In addition, these MIL-SPEC-certified notebooks incorporate daylight-readable screens and the rugged features—such as magnesium alloy cases, sealed keyboards and ports, flexible internal connectors and shock-mounting—that ultimately deliver the highest levels of reliability in the industry.

PIPS Technology

The BOSS Back Office System Server from PIPS Technology is a software program that serves as a central repository for all data collected by PIPS Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems, both fixed and mobile. BOSS serves as a central repository where all data collected from fixed and mobile systems may be collected, analyzed and mined for intelligence purposes. Additionally, BOSS features a utility that allows for the sharing of data across multiple agencies for broader intelligence purposes and searching for suspect vehicles across jurisdictional boundaries.

Complete with mapping functionality, BOSS allows for searching a given radius around a known address, within a designated time. This functionality is valuable to identify possible suspects in a robbery, murder, hit-and-run, or other criminal activity occurring at a specific time and place. Partial plate search capability is also a standard component of the BOSS software package.

PROTECH Tactical

PROTECH® Tactical introduced a new line of high-performance gear including performance shirts, assault packs and bags and load-bearing vests for law enforcement and military professionals. The shirt features advanced evaporative cooling, odor absorption, and UV-ray protection achieved through the combination of TrapTek® and Cupron®, two patented technologies that provide a seamless design.

The TrapTek activated carbon actually pulls moisture away from the skin and transports it to the surface of the fabric for rapid evaporation. This powerful moisture-management system provides a 50% increase in moisture transfer compared with standard polyester.

RAM Mounts

The RAM Tough-Dock™ is available in both aluminum and high-strength plastic, and the outside is as durable as the inside is versatile. This dock offers unmatched power capabilities, port replication, tamper-proof lock, plus integrated screen support. Simple to install and easy to use, it features smooth lines, soft curves and an ergonomic design.

Standard features include: two serial ports, four USB ports, external video and keyboard, mouse, headphone/speaker, microphone. Optional features include: internal GPS engine, wireless capable, Bluetooth enabled, internal storage device, heavy-duty lightweight metal enclosure, military-grade construction. Because the Toughbook is designed for demanding environments, RAM built the Tough-Dock™ to go hand in hand with it.

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