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ICAP New Product Roundup (cont'd. Part 3)

Raytheon JPS Communications

The P25CC Channel Controller from Raytheon JPS Communications converts legacy analog channels to P25 digital channels at an affordable cost, without having to replace existing base stations. Benefits include that it combines P25 base station controller, RFSS Network Controller (RNC) and Network Location Register (NLR) functions; provides full trunked and conventional RFSS operations; offers all mandatory P25 call types; conversion of multiple-channel systems can be phased in as time and funding allows.

The P25CC provides an economical means to upgrade existing analog base stations to APCO P25 functionality. This conversion is accomplished through a sophisticated manipulation of the baseband audio, leaving existing RF infrastructure in place. Each P25CC is capable of controlling up to four base stations. If a larger number of channels are operating at a single site, multiple P25CC units can be networked together to manage them.

Safariland Duty Gear

Safariland launched its weapon-mounted light version of the ALS Retention holster. The next evolution in retention holsters, the ALS (Automatic Locking System) automatically secures the weapon in all directions once holstered, yet is simply operated with the thumb, making it instinctive to use. The key to the ALS system is its internal locking device, which provides additional security to typical open-top holsters.

Once the weapon is released, it can be pulled straight out of the holster with no twisting or other motion. The slim, compact design allows for the weapon to ride close to the body. The new design offers Level II Plus Retention, which can be elevated to Level Plus II Retention with the addition of the Sentry.

Safariland also announced its new fits to its Self-Locking System holster line for the Beretta90two handgun. Tactical holster Model 6004 is among the newly available holsters, which offer a top draw and straight drop cant. The SLS allows for a smoother single-motion draw and greater protection against attempted takeaways.

Safe Lites

Safe Lites™ is a designer and worldwide marketer of illumination systems for companies that wish to enhance their products with unequalled visibility or use active or animated illumination to more effectively advertise and promote their offereings. Safe Lites’ GlowSkin™ Active Illumination Systems is the highest grade brand of electroluminescent (EL) lighting available. GlowSkin requires very little power, offers and exceptionally long life and “glows” rather than “shines.” It has a wider field of viewing than other lighting, is visible through particles in the air, and does not affect night vision.

Safe Lites announced that the same GlowSkin systems it uses on its reputed BeaconWear™ brand of safety vests will be used in Blauer Manufacturing’s new line of apparel for public safety professionals.

Security Equipment Corp.

Security Equipment Corp.’s new OC technology makes cell extractions easier, safer and more affordable. The SABRE Red Cell Buster® is the ideal cell-extraction tool. The Cell Buster consists of a large but highly portable MK-9 canister equipped with a hose and wand attachment. The device delivers up to six, three-second bursts of SABRE Red fog into the cell. The fog provides a powerful Level III contamination, delivering 10% OC measuring 1.33% major capsaicinoids.

Superior to traditional OC options, the SABRE Red Cell Buster’s Level III capsaicinoid content combined with its heavy fog delivery does not require a direct facial application to incapacitate. Incorporated with built-in safety systems, lightweight portability and backed by independent health studies and cost effectiveness, the Cell Buster quickly ends dangerous situations with less staff involvement.

Setcom Corporation

The most recent advance in police motorcycle communications, Setcom’s Liberator Wireless SuperMic eliminates the cable between the officer and the motorcycle, providing maximum flexibility, freedom of movement and reliable communications. In addition, the remote public address (PA) feature allows an officer to be at least 50 feet line-of-sight from the motorcycle and wirelessly operate the PA system.

By operating in the 900 MHz ISM frequency range, the system avoids the interference challenges associated with higher frequencies. Sidetone is incorporated into the feature set so the headset part of the system operates like aviation headsets. Also, the system is backward compatible with most of Setcom’s current helmet kits, saving departments money and upgrade hassles. Finally, the system draws the minimal power it requires from the portable radio, eliminating the need to recharge batteries.


StacoSwitch has unveiled its latest Data Entry Product (DEP) enclosed QWERTY keyboard—the M777. These watertight sealed keyboards feature a wipeable surface, allowing for easy removal of dust, dirt, chemicals and other foreign matter while maintaining the soft touch feel of a standard travel keyboard. Their ability to withstand prolonged vibration, shock, severe jolts and spilled liquids makes them the perfect solution for police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and other rugged environments. 

With its tactile feel, the M777 is great for use throughout law enforcement and emergency markets, such as EMT, fire, police, military and other challenging environments. This small footprint keyboard will perform all typical desktop PC keyboard functions.  

Supreme Corporation

The AVENGER ™ Tactical Armored Transport from Supreme Corporation has all the features you need in a hot counter fire situation and is available with an optional rotating gun turret upfit. AVENGER provides secure transportation for 10 to 12 tactical responders. The “height adjustable” elevated turret platform provides a commanding view for returning fire or controlling a volatile situation. A full-width grip strut bumper provides sure-footed entry and exit. With its four-wheel drive powertrain, AVENGER has off-road capability and handles maximum highway speeds for pursuit.

Driver and passenger doors have gun ports and swing to the rear, allowing unobstructed use of the door opening. (Optional electromagnetic door hold-backs are available.) The AVENGER’s hood has 3M grip tape for steady climbing. Features also include a rotating turret with locking hatch; a chest rest for steady counter fire from turret; rear-door gun ports; stowed turret platform; and two sets of tow hooks on the front and one set at the rear.


EarPro™ by SureFire®’s EP110 gives users a listen-only radio communication that channels radio communications covertly into the ear, thus reducing the potential danger of others overhearing messages that may be received. The user interface end of the EP110 uses EarPro’s ergonomic EP1 CommEar earpieces, which conforms to the natural groove of the ear, allowing the officer to use the wire systems while wearing a helmet, mask or hat, or while using a telephone or headset. The earpiece also does not block the canal allowing the ear to “breath” and permitting virtually normal hearing of ambient sounds.

The EP110 direct connect-speaker is located behind the listener’s ear using the highest quality components to deliver crystal-clear listen-only communications. The EP110’s speaker is tuned to deliver a broader range of frequencies than most wire system speakers. The system plugs directly into a two-way radio via the side-mount adaptor and features a medical-grade Tygo Thane® dry sound tube that releases condensation and is acoustically tuned for optimal clarity of voice frequencies. The EP110 also features gold-plated electrical connectors to provide superior conductivity and corrosion resistance, and the speaker and ear coil of the EP110 is water resistant.

Published in Law and Order, Nov 2006

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