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IACP New Product Roundup (cont'd. Part 4)

TASER International

The TASER CAM™ from TASER International offers increased accountability—not just for officers, but for the people they encounter. Until now, it’s been the officer’s word against the suspect’s word. Now with the TASER CAM, the truth is undeniable. Every potential TASER® X26 deployment can be recorded with full audio and video—even in zero light conditions. For a limited time, TASER International will provide a free TASER CAM test and evaluation unit for a period of up to 60 days for interested agencies. For more information or to request an evaluation unit, visit or call (800) 978-2737.

The Backup Training Corporation

A recent agreement between The Backup Training Corporation and several U.S. colleges provides any sworn law enforcement officer in the United States the opportunity to train for free using any of the 40-plus courses that The Backup offers on CD-ROM. In order to qualify for the free training, officers must be sworn and currently employed with a law enforcement agency within the United States. 

The Backup’s list of courses includes more than 40 topics ranging from weapons of mass destruction to suicide-by-cop and varies in length. The courses also include testing, tracking, and certification and qualify for in-service training requirements in more than 40 states. 

Valor Systems

Valor Systems introduced Public Safety’s first multidiscipline Integrated Incident Management System powered by Microsoft® .NET. Valor Systems arms professionals with the tools to take control of every safety situation anytime, anywhere on any device. Using Valor’s new integrated .NET Framework, multiple agencies can now embrace a customizable, intuitive solution that maximizes the effectiveness and reliability of critical data.

Modules include applications for dispatch, law enforcement, fire, jail and mobile data. Each module can be used separately, but when they are used together, they form a complete system where information is shared where needed, eliminating duplicated data entry for all disciplines. 

Will-Burt Company

The D-TEC II Safety System from the Will-Burt Company provides alternating current and sonar detection atop a mobile telescoping mast for use with surveillance cameras in applications including mobile command centers and fire apparatus. 

The D-TEC II Safety System’s features include: alternating current detection through dual-threshold E-field (voltage) and H-field (current) sensing; collision detection that senses smaller, distant objects; built-in bypass capabilities with OSHA limit setting; expanded self-test features to ensure that the system is working properly at start-up and during system diagnostics; long-life LED look-up light for reduced product maintenance; standard rack mount; non-vented sensor housing for superior moisture resistance; alpha-numeric display for detection status; and small diameter cables for easy installation. 

Jennifer Gavigan is the former associate editor of LAW and ORDER. She can be reached at

Published in Law and Order, Nov 2006

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