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Radio IP Software co-hosts California Broadband Wireless Conference

RIVERSIDE, CA—Radio IP Software Inc., the leader in secure wireless data connection-ware solutions for mobile government, announced that it is co-hosting the Broadband Wireless Conference for Public Safety and Public Access in Riverside, CA. The other co-hosts are vendors in the broadband industry, a consortium which includes InfiNet Wireless, Lockheed Martin Information Technology, Public Safety Broadband and Wi-Fi Citywide.

The one-day event—considered a “must-attend” for public safety officials, municipal IT professionals, technology end-users, wireless service providers, system integrators, dealers and consultants—will feature a live demonstration of an integrated 4.9 GHz Public Safety / 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Public Access network, using cutting edge equipment and services supplied by members of the consortium.

Radio IP Software’s contribution to the consortium is its flagship connection-ware solution, Radio IP MTG™, offering the city of Riverside Mobile VPN and roaming capabilities over both its broadband and private RF wireless networks.

Radio IP Software’s Mobile VPN differentiates itself from other VPNs currently available on the market. The former creates the VPN tunnel prior to any domain or username information being transmitted over the air. Since Radio IP Software’s Mobile VPN was designed to be device-based, user authentication attempts can only be made if Radio IP MTG has validated the device and opened an encrypted tunnel. Other VPNs wait to open a secure transmission only after the user has authenticated to the network, thus leaving their username, domain and password information easily intercepted. This fundamental difference in approach underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to provide secure wireless connections across all levels of mobile government.

RadioRoam®, the roaming module in Radio IP MTG, gives organizations the ability to take advantage of high-speed broadband networks, all while leveraging interoperability with their existing private radio network. RadioRoam lets mobile users automatically and seamlessly switch between any number of wireless networks without losing connection to headquarters and ensuring Mobile VPN persistence.

“Radio IP MTG and RadioRoam fill an unavoidable gap in a public safety Mesh network deployment, which is inherently unsecure particularly when doubling as a public access network,” said Mike Bourre, vice president of sales and marketing at Radio IP Software.

“Providing the highest standards of security to public safety, our Mobile VPN was actually designed specifically for the mobile government sector. Agencies can not risk using a sub-standard solution as it leaves them vulnerable to attacks,” Bourre said.

About Radio IP Software

More than 400 organizations worldwide have installed Radio IP Software’s wireless connection-ware products since the company was established in 1998. Privately-held Radio IP Software’s feature-rich family of applications, including its flagship Radio IP MTG™ product, helps companies and agencies overcome the performance and connectivity challenges inherent to wireless networks. The result is faster mission response time and increased productivity through connection reliability and enhanced network security and performance. Mobile users are able to seamlessly roam in a diverse range of public and private wireless network environments, integrating all networks under a single interoperable TCP/IP standard. Ideally suited for organizations whose geographically-dispersed mobile workforces depend on mission-critical and safety-critical data, Radio IP Software’s customers are largely in the public safety, utility, military and transportation sectors.

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Published in Public Safety IT, Nov/Dec 2006

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