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IQ/CAD prevents 'information overload'

New York—IPC Systems Inc. launched a unique, map-driven dispatch solution that speeds critical response times and improves resource and event management by delivering instant, visual access to real-time information. IPC Systems Inc. has been a leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions to global enterprises for more than 30 years.

The “next generation” in call dispatching, the IQ/CAD provides an interactive map as the central point of focus, supplying real-time information in a manner that is specific to the current task. IQ/CAD’s simplified, user interface eliminates information overload, allowing the user to focus only on critical information resulting in faster, smarter event assessment and management. Its “Information on Demand” design allows users to minimize navigation through the application, promoting quicker response times.

Available in December 2006, IQ/CAD is the newest addition to IPC’s comprehensive suite of interoperable Public Safety applications. The integration of IQ/CAD with other IPC applications such as, IQ/Mobile, and IQ/RMS, as well as with IPC’s Radio Console and E911 solutions, optimizes performance through better data sharing and virtual workflow automation.

Greg Kenepp, president, IPC Systems Inc., said, “IPC is pleased to announce IQ/CAD as the latest solution in our family of products designed to integrate mission critical operations. IPC is dedicated to providing the best products, services and support in the industry to help our customers do their jobs better, faster and more efficiently.”

Marc Montminy, captain of the Manchester Connecticut Police Department a longtime customer of IPC said, “IPC’s customer service and technical support are by far the best we encountered. When it comes to public safety, there is a great need for speed and reliability in both products and access to the experts that support them. IPC’s 24/7 availability and level of expertise is commendable and reassuring.”

Key IQ/CAD features include:

• An intuitive, integrated, map-driven graphical user interface based on ESRI standard formats • Virtually unlimited access to critical information through interfaces to external systems such as 911, Radio, NCIC, AVL, Mobile, RMS, and alarms

• Fully integrated support for IPC’s Law Enforcement Records Management System, IQ/RMS

• Information on Demand design provides important event specific information directly on the screen in real time

• Easy integration of independent ANI/ALI, AVL, alarm systems

• Powerful engine for configuring comprehensive resource recommendations allowing optimal event management.

• More than 600 configuration preferences supported

• Audible and visual alerts for incident and resource functions

• Extensive query and reporting capabilities

• An XML interface for integration with third party applications and databases

• A COTS (commercial off the shelf) solution which is highly configurable to meet current needs as well as future growth requirements.

Published in Public Safety IT, Nov/Dec 2006

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