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Kustom Signals Introduces Pro-Lite+ Laser

Pro-Lite+ is a binocular style, handheld device that measures both the range and velocity of selected targets. Using LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) technology, Pro-Lite+ emits invisible laser light pulses to determine target speeds from a variety of ranges. Pinpoint aiming capability allows an officer to isolate a single violator from a group of vehicles, regardless of size.

Featuring Heads-Up-Display (HUD), Pro-Lite+ provides 1:1 viewing, without magnification, for precise targeting and less eyestrain. Weighing just 19 ounces, the new ergonomic design reduces arm and wrist fatigue.

Pro-Lite+ provides quick targeting and viewing capabilities for range applications up to 2,000 ft. An easy access menu allows the operator to select measuring, range and test modes. The environmental mode, which improves the performance of the Pro-Lite+ by reducing the range-limiting effects of poor weather conditions, can be turned on when used in fog, rain, snow, blowing dust, or through windows and other obstructions. Pro-Lite+ includes Full Tracking History and updates the HUD three times every second.

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Kustom Signal, Inc., 9325 Pflumm, Lenexa, KS, 66215-3347, (800) 458-7866,

Published in Law and Order, Dec 2006

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