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Pre-screened NEXUS members to have automatic air, marine, land border crossing privileges WASHINGTON—U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced that NEXUS trusted traveler-crossing privileges have been expanded to all land, marine and air points of entry where NEXUS locations are currently in place. In addition, NEXUS will provide processing locations at additional airports in Canada throughout 2007. NEXUS is a joint program with the Canada Border Services Agency that allows pre-screened and approved travelers faster processing at designated highway lanes in high-volume border crossing locations, at a NEXUS kiosk at Vancouver International Airport, and at certain marine reporting locations in the Great Lakes and Seattle regions. “This program is a true success story and demonstrates the strength of our relationship with Canada,” said CBP Commissioner W. Ralph Basham. “Since its inception in 2002, NEXUS has grown to more than 110,000 members, a tribute to the benefits that this program offers. I appreciate that NEXUS improves security while encouraging and facilitating cross-border travel and commerce between our two countries.” This expansion of the program means that there will be one application form and fee to participate in all modes of the Nexus program. NEXUS membership also fulfills the travel document requirements of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which made a passport or other secure travel document required by all U.S. and Canadian citizens seeking entry or re-entry into the U.S. by air as of Jan. 23, 2007. It is anticipated that NEXUS membership also will be acceptable when the requirement is extended to land and sea travel. For a list of frequently asked questions and information about other CBP trusted traveler programs, visit Frequent Traveler Programs at n

Published in Public Safety IT, Jan/Feb 2007

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