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U.S., Canada share forensic ballistic information electronically in real time

Integrian Integrian’s DigitalPatroller DP-2 is an advanced video surveillance system built for police cars and other Public Safety vehicles. The DigitalPatroller DP-2 expanded feature set includes four-camera simultaneous recording, additional audio inputs and higher resolution cameras. Various data storage and transfer options allow officers to choose single or redundant, solid state or disk-based, hard drives depending upon their needs. Data can be uploaded via wired or wireless paths, or via a USB cable. The DP-2’s removable storage blade makes future upgrades easy, and offers added protection in the event of power failure or other car system malfunctions. Jotto Desk Jotto Desk’s Patrol Power™ is an easy-to-install, standardized wiring harness system for public safety vehicles. Regardless of make or model, it significantly cuts installation time and cost. Wires are color coded and prelabeled every 3 inches, making for quick and easy identification/troubleshooting by agency’s technicians. Heat resistance rates that meet or exceed SAE-J-1128 requirements provide officers with a safer environment while on the job. K&N Filters The K&N Filtercharger® features high air flow with excellent filtration designed to increase horsepower and acceleration. It lasts up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is required, depending on driving conditions. It works with Original Equipment Manufacturer Vehicle Electronics. Environmentally friendly, K&N Reusable Air Filters reduce the volume of disposable air filters that typically end up in landfills. K&N’s air filter is designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted air flow while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life. The high-flow cotton gauze air filter is washable, reusable and built to last. The filters consist of four to six sheets of cotton gauze layered between two sheets of aluminum wire mesh. This media is then pleated and oiled to enhance its filtering capabilities and overall performance. Kustom Signals Kustom Signals’ Pro-Lite+ is a binocular-style, handheld device that measures both the range and velocity of selected targets. Using LIDAR (light detection and ranging) technology, Pro-Lite+ emits invisible laser light pulses to determine target speeds from a variety of ranges. Pinpoint aiming capability allows an officer to isolate a single violator from a group of vehicles, regardless of size. Featuring heads-up-display (HUD), Pro-Lite+ provides 1:1 viewing, without magnification, for precise targeting and less eyestrain. Pro-Lite+ provides quick targeting and viewing capabilities for range applications up to 2,000 feet. An easy-access menu allows the officer to select measuring, range and test modes. The environmental mode improves the performance of the Pro-Lite+ by reducing the range-limiting effects of poor weather conditions and can be turned on when used in fog, rain, snow, blowing dust, or through windows and other obstructions. Pro-Lite+ includes full tracking history and updates the HUD three times every second. MPH Industries The Speed Patrol™ 18 is the newest traffic speed-calming product from MPH Industries. It is a compact, ruggedly built trailer that presents a highly visible reminder to drivers that excessive speed endangers themselves and others. The weatherproof display is available with a choice of high-intensity amber or red LEDs. The Speed Patrol 18 uses MPH Industries’ new DS-4 Approach-Only radar and is capable of interfacing with traffic data-gathering software. Patrol Power Patrol Power by Auto Additions adds the Dodge Charger to its expanding product line. Patrol Power is a vehicle-specific wiring solution that keeps wiring issues to a minimum, isolates the manufacturer’s electrical system, and allows for easy trouble shooting should an issue arise. Every product in the Patrol Power family consists of wire that is color coded and labeled every 3 inches. In addition to the other benefits, each panel is easily mounted, and will outlast most vehicles. Police and Fleet Services Police and Fleet Services through Police and Fleet Engineering, is developing an installation package that will be used to retrofit the current production Ford CVPIs to use E-85 fuel. E85 is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% unleaded gasoline that is a high-octane, high-performance fuel made from renewable sources of energy. Fleet use of flex fuel vehicles is continuing to increase as a way of reducing operating costs and to meet the EPA Clean Air Standards. In many areas E-85 fuel is cost competitive with gasoline but is expected to gain an advantage as the oil prices continue to increase. Testing and certification of the package are expected in fall of 2007. Power Stop Power Stop’s fleet-specific brake system includes two cross-drilled or slotted brake rotors matched with the 911 Fleet carbon metallic brake pads. The Power Stop 911 system improves convection heat transfer as air flows through and over the rotor. Quicker cool down time prevents brake fade during high-speed emergency stops. Combined with the Power Stop 911 brake pads, independent test results show stopping distance improves more than 10 feet over competitive brands during emergency stops at 50 mph. The brake rotors are also available cryogenically treated to last twice as long as conventional rotors. Precision Fleet Brakes Precision Fleet Brakes’ line of EMLS™ brand brakes is for governmental and commercial fleets. PFB’s revolutionary new brakes excel in harsh driving environments. Having originally developed the technology for racing, PFB is now transferring its proven brake technology to fleets across the United States. Independent law enforcement agency testing confirms that, on average, EMLS pads and rotors outlast OEM brakes by two to four times. This reduces cost-per-mile and increases asset utilization (time on the road). RAM Mounting Systems The RAM Tough-Dock™ is available in both aluminum and high-strength plastic. This dock offers unmatched power capabilities, port replication, tamper-proof lock, integrated screen support and more. Simple to install and easy to use, the Tough-Dock features smooth lines, soft curves and ergonomic design—no points or sharp edges. Given that the Toughbook is designed for demanding environments, RAM built the Tough-Dock to go shoulder to shoulder with the Toughbook in today’s law enforcement vehicles. Raybestos Brakes/AIMCO Raybestos/Aimco Police Patrol/ Pursuit formulation pads are the only aftermarket pads designed specifically for police use. Affinia Under Vehicle Group’s Raybestos® brand brakes and AIMCO® Police Patrol/Pursuit Friction Line brake pads are specially designed friction products that provide law enforcement vehicles with superior stopping power, exceptional stability during high-speed braking, and longer lasting friction. The Raybestos® brand brakes and AIMCO® Police Patrol/Pursuit Friction Line includes 14 numbered brake pads. Rontan The Slimlight Series of LED emergency vehicle light assemblies by Rontan North America offers exceptional directional and off-axis visibility in a low-profile configuration. The Slimlight Series is available in two, four, six or eight lighthead configurations in any color combination to meet officers’ needs. Designed for exterior or interior applications, its one-piece aluminum housing provides more options on where and how to install the Slimlight on any vehicle type. Its low-profile stance, user selectable flash patterns, ability to synchronize with other Slimlight assemblies, ease of installation, and proven reliability of high intensity LEDs make the Slimlight a highly desirable undercover or exterior lightbar. Setina With more than 44 years of innovation, Setina introduces its new Side Curtain Airbag Compatible Vehicle Partitions. The Side Curtain Airbag Compatible Vehicle Partition all new, patented design, has been independently laboratory tested not to interfere with the deployment of a side-curtain airbag. Setina “Bodyguard” Partitions are the only tested partitions available on the market today for side-curtain airbag-equipped vehicles. Setina’s new design has been granted, a U.S. patent. The product is currently available for 2006-07 Chevrolet Impala, the 2005-07 Dodge Magnum, the 2006-07 Dodge Charger and the 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe. The 2007 Ford Expedition is in the testing phase and should be available mid-February. Signal Vehicle Products Signal Vehicle Products’ DL35-CV M-Tech™ LED Rear Deck Light System’s features include: wide light distribution; highly efficient optics; impact resistant housing; no drill mounting; quick and easy installation; flashback protection hood; reverse polarity protection; selectable Day/Night mode; 15-foot wire harness; flash pattern select wire; and 35 customer-selectable flash patterns. Dimensions are 3 inches high by 21 inches wide by 7 inches deep. Voltage is 10V-16V DC and the system weighs less than 3 pounds. The amp draw is 0.8 amps, and there is a single color for each M-Tech LED head. Color combinations include: amber, blue, green, red and white. SoundOff Signal SoundOff Signal’s new Gen 3 LED PAR36 Dash/Deck/Grille light was designed for high-performance light output and created with TIR LEDs. Clear or colored UV-stabilized durable polycarbonate lenses resist sun fade and are coated with a protective film to prevent lens scratches. A tough black rubber outer housing securely holds the light and allows many versatile mounting options with an attached metal U-bracket. The PAR36 Gen 3 LED light comes equipped with its own selectable 16 pattern flasher or it can be put into slave mode and driven through an external flasher. Lights also contain light sync technology and can be wired to flash up to four lights alternately or simultaneously. Lights are easy to install and include weatherproof Molex connector for easy removal of the light for upgrading or maintenance. Tomar Designed with the latest LED technology, the TOMAR 200S and the iLED™ RECT-25 self-contained windshield mount units provide a sleek low-profile with extreme light output. Lighting units feature a flash selector switch and cigar plug and are available separately or with windshield mount hardware. There are two mounting designs to choose from, which ensure a proper fit in any front or rear windshield application. VelveTouch Recent on-vehicle and laboratory tests show that VelveTouch Carbon Semi-Metallic brake pads significantly improved pad life and rotor durability when compared with other aftermarket brands. Safety features include fade resistance, and VelveTouch Carbon Semi-Metallic formulation can operate at temperatures 200 to 400 degrees hotter than the competition without significant friction loss. VelveTouch pads are made with the Innerlock mechanical bond system, which features hundreds of small extruded hooks that are molded directly into the friction material. All VelveTouch brake pads feature a dual-layer outer shield. Parts are first coated with corrosion-resistant zinc oxide and then finished with high-temperature powder coat paint that provides a smooth brake engagement surface. VelveTouch brake pads feature advanced noise dampening shims, chamfers and stress relief slots. Whelen Whelen’s Inner-Edge™ Under-cover Super-LED® lightbars are virtually undetectable when not in use. Choose three, four, six, seven, eight or 10 Linear Super-LED, or four, five, eight or 10 super bright TIR3™ Super-LED modules mounted in a rugged housing that fits snugly against the upper front windshield or upper or lower back windows of late model Ford Crown Victoria, Expedition, Chevy Impala, Suburban, Dodge Charger, Magnum or Tahoe police vehicles. Super-LEDs are low current, vibration and moisture resistant for reliable long-life operation. Headliner housing is designed to blend with vehicle’s existing interior. Front facing models mount to visor anchor points without drilling holes. Scan-Lock™ provides multiple flash patterns. MR8 halogen takedown lights are standard on most front facing lightbars. The new low-profile two-piece 3-LED Series features housings available as sets with individual driver and passenger side units or as a single passenger side unit with a combination of TIR3 and LIN3 lightheads. Jennifer Gavigan is the former associate editor of Police Fleet Manager. She can be reached at

Published in Public Safety IT, Jan/Feb 2007

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