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GoBook survives T-bone crash in patrol car

SPOKANE, WA—On Saturday, April 21 in the early afternoon, Officer Mosman of the Spokane Police Department responded to a robbery call in north Spokane. His lights flashing and siren warning of his approach, Mosman cleared the intersection, reached the middle of the intersection, but was hit broadside. He was the second responder through the intersection against a red light; the driver who hit the officer had stopped for the first responder, had assumed there were no others and was accelerating when she hit the police car. The impact of the collision threw Mosman toward the GoBook 3 notebook deployed in his vehicle, and his hand struck the display. The GoBook stayed securely fastened to the vehicle dock, no parts flew off the computer or the shattered display, and the notebook did not impede the airbags. The officer was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where he recovered from his injuries. The other driver was treated at the scene and released.

SPD Officer Richard Carroll, in the Law Enforcement Information Systems, checked the GoBook to see if he could retrieve data from the hard drive. To his disbelief, the rugged GoBook notebook was fully functioning. The only feature that did not work was the notebook’s touch screen. Officer Carroll brought the GoBook to the General Dynamics Itronix facility in Spokane, and the unit’s display was replaced and returned to service.

New technology has transformed patrol cars, in-vehicle computers with wireless capability means real-time access to information, database files and GPS mapping systems. Careful consideration must be taken when implementing these technologies in a patrol car. At General Dynamics Itronix, officer safety and ergonomics are key considerations in the design of the GoBook series of rugged products. This incident is vivid testimony to the ergonomics, durability and reliability of GD-Itronix products, which are built to operate in and survive the most challenging conditions.

Published in Public Safety IT, Jul/Aug 2007

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