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Tyco Electronics continues to support Project 25 standards

LOWELL, MA—Tyco Electronics announced that its M/A-COM business, a worldwide leader of critical radio communications systems, successfully participated in a multi-vendor demonstration of P25 ISSI (Inter Sub-System Interface) technology at the recent APCO International Conference & Expo at the Baltimore Convention Center.

ISSI-compliant networks enable users to transmit digitally encrypted voice between multi-vendor systems. This multi-vendor, multi-band demonstration further reinforces Tyco Electronics’ dedication to advancing and furthering interoperable communications for the public safety industry.

“The successful demonstration of P25 ISSI technology across multiple vendors’ systems is a crucial step forward in public safety communications,” said Paul May, business development manager, Tyco Electronics. “The ability to make group calls across a multitude of radio frequency bands and brands alike will benefit all federal, state and local first responders, making their jobs easier and safer, when faced with all types of emergencies. We are extremely proud to be a part of this demonstration, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and redefine the boundaries of interoperable communications.”

Along with three other public safety industry participants, Tyco Electronics’ M/A-COM business held a series of formal and informal demonstrations of P25 ISSI technology. Adding to the capability of interconnecting multi-vendor P25 radio systems, M/A-COM’s P25 ISSI solution will also enable any vendor’s P25 system to transmit voice to any communication system on the VIDA (Voice, Interoperability, Data, Access) Network, including the M/A-COM OpenSky, TETRA and EDACSIP digital trunked radio solutions as well as the NetworkFirst interoperability solution.

In addition to the successful demonstration of P25 ISSI technology, M/A-COM also announced and demonstrated a number of devices aimed at further improving interoperable communications. n

Published in Public Safety IT, Sep/Oct 2007

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