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CrimeCog Technologies purchases E*Justice from Northrop Grumman

CrimeCog Technologies Inc., of Milford, MI announced it has purchased the world class, integrated criminal justice information system, E*Justice, from Northrop Grumman Information Technology Inc. Under the terms of the acquisition, CrimeCog will support all current E*Justice contracts and will extend its customer base into seven states. CrimeCog also hired E*Justice software engineers formerly employed by Northrop Grumman.

Before the purchase, CrimeCog had licensed the E*Justice system from Northrop Grumman and was delivering it cost effectively over the Internet to police agencies, prosecutors, jails and courts. Now it will offer E*Justice as a client-server application and as software as a service.

“Northrop Grumman was an essential partner when we started our business delivering a world-class service to smaller police departments and other agencies, who got all the features of E*Justice without a big capital investment,” said Tim Daley, co-founder, chairman and CEO of CrimeCog. “Now, under one roof, we will offer an integrated solution for any organization of any size in any part of the criminal justice system.”

When delivered over the Internet, the E*Justice service has powerful capabilities for real-time data sharing between agencies that subscribe to it. For example, as soon as officers enter information from an arrest or incident, it is available to any other authorized user. Data can be entered from the field via laptops with Web browsers and wireless Internet connections. Data also can be easily exported to generate and transmit reports to state and federal agencies.

The CrimeCog E*Justice service is unique because it both eliminates wasteful re-entering of data and is easy to learn and use. Departments maintain complete control of their data and can share selective information without jeopardizing a suspect’s rights or the system’s security. The CrimeCog service can manage all forms of police reports, court records and information about prisoners in county jails or state prisons. It works seamlessly to track cases from incident report to incarceration and parole. It can work with existing victim notification systems that also operate in many states.

“The more agencies use E*Justice, the more synergies are realized. Each user or added agency increases the value and quality of important new information being shared,” Daley said. “We are proud to be improving the homeland defense of our nation by providing a solution that pulls together local agencies horizontally across the country and vertically from counties, to state and federal agencies.”

Law enforcement officials have been reminded about the importance of data integrity by the way Hurricane Katrina destroyed important public records in New Orleans. Many of the lost or ruined documents may likely never be retrieved or recovered. The CrimeCog service addresses that by protecting its customers’ information in separate, secure data warehouses.

With the acquisition of E*Justice, CrimeCog will be serving a federal defense agency and local law enforcement agencies in Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

Published in Public Safety IT, Jan/Feb 2008

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