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Firearms and Less-Lethal from IACP 2007


Speer has introduced a 9mm force-on-force marking cartridge. The new marking cartridge is useable in current FX™ conversion barrels or uppers. The Speer Force-on-Force Markers are primer-driven with no powder propellant to have more consistency between rounds. The Speer Force-on-Force Marker is available in yellow, green, blue, white, and red.

In addition, Speer introduced a full line of equipment to support force-on-force training. This includes a full line of protective gear: helmets, body protection, gloves and throat guards. Speer is also tackling the hardest part of FoF training: someplace to do it. It introduced a portable, configurable FoF “range” house that is designed to be set-up in any open area and used for scenario-based training. The range house will be available in three sizes.


Bushmaster introduced its Gas-Piston Carbine. The concept of gas-piston carbines in the M-16/M4 format has gained popularity over the past few years. This popularity has grown out of certain military units driving the development and adopting gas-piston AR platforms. The gas-piston system means that gas is not directly blown back into the chamber and bolt group. This translates to less fouling, cooler operation and a lower likelihood of gas leaks. The Bushmaster has introduced a 16-inch barrel gas-piston.

The 16-inch barrel is an M-4-style barrel with a right hand, 1 in 9 twist. The gun weighs in at 6.5 pounds unloaded, only ¼ pound more than Bushmaster’s standard M-4. The gas block has a detented plug for removing the gas piston and is topped with a flip-up front sight. The handguards have three pieces of Pictinney rail for attaching 1913 spec accessories. The receiver is available in either an A3 (detachable carry handle) or A2 (fixed carry handle).

FN Herstal

The FNH SCAR (Special Combat Automatic Rifle) will be released for law enforcement sales in 2008. The SCAR was jointly designed and selected by USSOCOM and is available in two variations SCAR-H and SCAR-L. The SCAR-H stands for SCAR-Heavy and is the 7.62mm variant, and the 5.56mm variant is the SCAR-Light. Both caliber variants have interchangeable barrels from 10.5 inches to 18 inches. One gun can be set up for everything from CQB to semi-auto precision marksmen rifle. The barrels have a 35,000-round lifespan, and the entire gun is rated for 90,000 rounds. Part of this longevity is the use of the gas piston operating system, which is increasingly becoming popular.

The SCAR is completely ambidextrous and has an adjustable stock. The rifle is set up for any accessory you could need (lights, optical sighting systems, laser sighting systems, etc.), including FNH’s low-velocity 40mm launcher. The SCAR will be available in semi-auto and full-auto versions. FNH also introduced its FNP pistol in .45ACP as full-size duty pistol. The FNP is DA/SA polymer frame pistol. The FNP has interchangeable backstraps to fit a shooter’s hand size. The slide is available in either a matte black Melonite finish or matte satin finish. The FNP-45 has a 13+1 capacity. The FNP has ambidextrous frame-mounted decocking levers and magazine release. The gun is available with night sights. The whole package is 33 ounces and 7 7/8 inches long.

Kahr Arms

Kahr Arms introduced the PM45, its smallest 45 semi-auto. The PM45 is a six-shot (5-round magazine capacity plus one in the chamber) polymer frame pistol weighing in at 17.3 ounces. The PM45 has an overall length of 5.6 inches with a 3.14-inch barrel. With a width of 1.01 inches, the PM45 is ideal for a .45 cal deep concealment gun. The PM45 uses the same DAO passive striker block system found in Kahr’s other handguns. The PM45 is available with standard bar and dot sights or Tritium night sights.


The SA-4 Launcher is PepperBall’s new compact solution for delivering less-lethal force. The SA-4 is a 6x6-inch and 14-ounce unit that carries four PepperBall® ImpactPlus™ rounds. It uses an electrical firing system, which means there is no air tank or propellant. The ImpactPlus™ round has a weight of 5.7 grams with a payload of 3 grams of capsaicin II powder. With an advertised velocity of 320 feet per second, the fin-stabilized round is said to deliver 20 ft-lbs of kinetic impact at the muzzle. The SA-4 has a holster system that is useable on a belt or vest. The SA-4 also as hi-viz fiber optic hard sights on the top and an integrated laser that is activated when the manual safety is disengaged. With either sighting system the SA-4 is expected to have a target accuracy of 30 feet.

Sabre Red Aerosol Grenades

Sabre introduced its Sabre Red Aerosol Grenades. Coming in two sizes, the Red Aerosol Grenades release a 10% OC solution in a fog delivery system. The 2-ounce grenade releases in 6 seconds and will cover a 10,000 cubic feet in about 60 seconds, while the 5 ounces grenade releases in 14 seconds and covers 22,000 in about 60 seconds.


Sig-Sauer’s P-250 is a new innovative DAO pistol that addresses the need for a customizing the grip size for individual shooters. In addition, a shooter can have three different bodies (full size, compact, and subcompact) for one gun. The P-250 serialized portion of the lower of the pistol is a complete internal frame containing the firing mechanism. The internal frame is completely removable from the polymer body. Sig has produced bodies in different sizes, allowing one serialized component to be fitted to the issued officer’s hand.

The P-250 will come in 9mm, .40, .357, and .45ACP calibers. This means users could also use the same serialized component in different calibers if they have the right components. The full-size P-250 weighs in at 30.8 ounces with a magazine and is 7.2 inches long. It comes with a 3.9-inch barrel and has an accessory rail on the polymer bodies. The magazine release and the slide stop are ambidextrous. The gun comes with Siglite three-dot night sights.

Sig’s 556 SWAT is its latest carbine. The 556 is a gas-piston operated 16-inch barrel, semi-automatic that combines features of Sig’s long history of carbines with the familiar features of the AR-15 platform. The 5.56mm barrel has a 1 in 7 twist, and the gun takes standard AR magazines. The gun has flat topped a Pictinney rail for optics, and the forend is a quad rail that allows attachment of mission-specific equipment. The gun comes with a vertical grip with an integrated LED light that can be attached to the railed forend. Sig used Magpul’s excellent CTR adjustable stock for the 556, a rare move by a major manufacturer to use a component on a production gun from a highly specialized company like Magpul. The whole package weighs in at 8.7 pounds and is 37 inches long with the stock fully extended.

Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson’s growing M&P line now includes a back-up revolver based on its classic Centennial series, the Model M&P 340. The Model 340 is a scandium frame with a stainless steel cylinder. The 340 is chambered in 357 Magnum / 38 Special +P with a 5-shot capacity. The 2-inch barrel revolver weighs 13.3 ounces and has a matte black finish. The 340 uses a U-notch rear and an XS Sights 24/7 Tritium front sight. The 340 can be had with a rubber overmold grip or come from the factory with a set of Crimson Trace laser grips. With the addition of 340, Smith & Wesson has developed a line that offers law enforcement a complete line of solutions, including off-duty guns, duty weapons, and patrol carbine.

Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory’s EMP (Enhanced Micro Pistol) addresses the need for an ultra-compact 1911 modeled gun that is shootable. To do this, Springfield first chambered the gun in 9mm and kept the gun in a steel frame. A 40 S&W caliber is forthcoming. Second, the engineers used a dual spring full-length guide rod to manage the recoil impulse. The EMP is a 3-inch barreled 26-ounc package with a 9+1 capacity. The gun comes with ambidextrous thumb safeties and tritium three-dot sights.


SureFire continues to advance its weapon lights technology. The new X300 is an upgrade to the X200 series, which will be discontinued once the X300 is in full production. The X300 gives what many users were requesting from SureFire, a compact LED handgun light pushing out over 100 lumens. The X300 is the same size as an X200, (3.5 inches long and 3.7 ounces) but it has a maximum output of 110 lumens and can put out a “tactically useful” amount of light for 2.4 hours. The increase in the output in the same body as the older X200 is due the use of the new CREE LED, which is more efficient at increased output levels than previous 5-watt LEDs. The X300 will use the same switching options and holsters as the X200, so upgrading is easier.


Trijicon introduced its Tactical Advanced Night Vision System (TANS) night vision optic. The TANS is designed to fit forward of the daytime optic. The TANS interfaces with a single locking lever on a 1913 spec rail equipped weapons. The TANS can be powered by either a single CR123 (at 38 hours runtime) or two AA (at 56 hours runtime) through a modular power pack. The TANS is submersible to 66 feet for two hours. The TANS attached and removes with no effect on the daytime optics zero.
Mick Williams is a sergeant with the Bloomington Police Department. He is a member of the department’s tactical unit in addition to his assignment as a patrol supervisor. He is a certified instructor in firearms, defensive tactics and emergency vehicle operations. He can be reached at

Published in Law and Order, Feb 2008

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