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Access Fleet Info Via Wireless PDA

Police fleet managers can further enhance the operational efficiency of their fleets by now having the ability to access and input critical fleet data remotely, which eliminates the need for manual re-keying. Fleet management software specialists at Chevin Fleet Solutions have recently extended the robust capabilities of their browser-based fleet management information system, FleetWave. This enables “real-time” remote input of essential fleet information, streamlining this process and enhancing the fleet department’s productivity.

Using “smart phones” or PDAs running Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, police officers, supervisors, mechanics or any authorized person can now remotely update vehicle safety inspections, trip details, personal and/or business mileage, as well as complete accident details from anywhere, at any time.

For example, by leveraging FleetWave’s uniquely flexible architecture, drivers can utilize their PDA or smart phone to perform daily vehicle circle inspections, notifying supervisors or shop personnel of any safety-related defects while maintaining and displaying inspection histories should the need ever arise.

Where defects are found, these are immediately fed back to the fleet manager or maintenance foreman for rectification, and a “do not drive” message can be passed to the driver. This message will then persist until the defect has been reviewed by a responsible person. This combination of real-time data capture and feedback also ensures that the organization’s risk profile is greatly reduced.

By utilizing FleetWave’s integrated personal and business mileage management tools, drivers can also capture, maintain and report their daily, weekly or monthly mileages, as well as fleet-related expenses where necessary and other relevant information directly from their PDAs.

With this flexible technology, drivers can easily capture and report comprehensive accident and incident details (including incident images) while in the field, allowing them to more accurately document all pertinent information to ensure correct and timely reporting.

Using standard FleetWave development tools, Chevin can quickly and easily create and deploy client-specific remote management functionality to any Windows-enabled device. This unique capability allows the fleet and risk management department to rapidly capture and easily maintain the precise operational details necessary to meet stringent compliance requirements.

With this flexible solution, police fleet managers now have the ability to free themselves from paper-intensive documentation and can more easily manage their fleets through information rather than instinct. By pushing mandatory driver documentation directly to the driver, FleetWave eliminates redundant data entry while significantly enhancing accuracy of driver data and compliance monitoring. This unique capability simplifies the police fleet manager’s processes, making it less time consuming for them to achieve their objectives.

Ron Katz is the vice president of North America Sales for Chevin Fleet Solutions. He can be reached at

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Mar/Apr 2008

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Ease to reach the targeted fleet data

Posted on : Feb 19 at 8:25 AM By Jerry Shaw

By this flexible technology drivers can easily capture and report routes and accident information of vehicles in case. Using PDA on internet can also bring frill benefits in fleet world, great innovation indeed.

Jerry @

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