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Mobile Satellite Ventures plans extension of current generation satellite services

In parallel with the deployment of MSV’s next generation network and launch of two of the most powerful commercial satellites to be built to date—MSV-1 and MSV-2—the company will facilitate the transition of its current customers to the next generation services platform. MSV will continue to support current generation communications ground segment (CGS) and mobile data system (MDS) network terminals through the end of 2011.

MSV’s plan to support its CGS and MDS networks through 2011 includes building a specially designed network interface that will enable existing satellite communications hubs and customer terminals to operate on its next generation satellite network. During the deployment of MSV’s next generation services, customers will not need new hardware additions or upgrades to continue operating MSV’s current CGS and MDS network terminals.

In addition, MSV will work with its network of service providers, distributors and customers to explain transition options to the company’s new services, which are based on MSV’s patented ATC (Ancillary Terrestrial Component) technology.

This continuation of MSV’s current service portfolio will operate in parallel with its recently announced Custom Capacity Service™ and other emerging hybrid satellite-terrestrial services, planned for 2010 and beyond.

“Responding to the existing and anticipated future needs of our customers, MSV will maintain its current generation services during the roll-out of and transition to the company’s next generation hybrid satellite-terrestrial services,” said John Mattingly, president of Satellite Services for MSV. “Our new satellites and hybrid-satellite terrestrial service will redefine wireless communications as we know it today.”

“While we are very excited about developing a powerful and cost-effective range of new communications offerings on our new satellites, we also want to allow our current core network voice and mobile data customers the opportunity to continue using their existing equipment for an extended period of time, and then seamlessly transition to our new services when they become available,” Mattingly added.

MSV is developing a hybrid satellite-terrestrial communications network, based on MSV’s patented ancillary terrestrial component (ATC) technology. The company expects its next generation network will provide seamless, transparent and ubiquitous wireless coverage of the United States and Canada accessible on conventional handsets. MSV plans to launch two of the most powerful commercial satellites ever built that will enable this network to support communications in a variety of areas including public safety, homeland security, aviation, transportation and entertainment, by providing an open network platform for interoperable, user-friendly and feature-rich voice and high-speed data services. MSV holds the first FCC license to provide hybrid satellite-terrestrial services.

Published in Public Safety IT, Mar/Apr 2008

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