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Body Armor Round-up 2008 (cont'd.)

Protective Products International (PPI)

The Urban Assault Systems from Protective Products International (PPI) are a series of tactical vests representing a combination of function, mobility and ballistic protection. The basic side-opening Cobra features front and back hard armor plate pockets, internal cummerbund and is compatible with load-bearing vests.

The SpecOps vest offers heavy load-bearing capability with accessory options including: full ballistic coverage in a V-neck design; modular system accommodates additional collar, throat, biceps, side gap, groin and lower back armor protection; accepts side SAPI carriers; MOLLE compatible; non-slip shoulders; front and back internal plate harness; 1,000 denier construction; cool mesh inner surface; emergency extraction drag strap; external cummerbund; quick attachment points at shoulders; available with Armorlite LFT™, Centennial™, Armorlite™ and Pioneer™ ballistic systems.

RBR Tactical Armor Inc.

The RBR T.A.P.S. Line is a custom-fit body armor system that allows the wearer to go from concealed use to a fully tactical system in minutes. With interchangeable ballistic inserts in a custom cut, the T.A.P.S. line features the RBR Flex Aramid Armor System. At just over 1 pound per square foot at Level IIIA, this armor package holds NIJ certification, and it surpasses the U.S. DEA and U.S. Marshal’s service ballistic testing protocol. Additionally, RBR’s Flex Aramid System exceeds the current U.S. military fragmentation requirement.

Standard features on the Tactical Vest include: tactical outer vest cover (cordura) MOLLE webbing pocket attachment system; adjustable bullet-resistant shoulder; removable ballistic groin protector; ballistic soft panel sewn into side closure flap for overlapping side protection; front and rear pockets for rifle protective plates; 4-inch elastic cummerbund attached to rear panel. Each vest is delivered with the following equipment: front and rear NIJ Level III+ steel plates; Cordura nylon vest carry bag; two U.S. Marshal tags (front and rear) and one U.S. Marshal star badge.

The Concealed Vest has a six-point adjustable, machine-washable, poly-cotton vest cover, with moisture-wicking mesh on body side. It also includes a soft trauma pad (IIIA) on vest front; removable ballistic inserts for cleaning and transitioning to tactical cover; full function during surveillance ops for both male and female officers. Optional accessories include: additional outer vest cover; ceramic rifle protective plates; upper arm / bicep protection; nylon pockets and pouches.

U.S. Armor Corp.

The Tactical Assault Vest (T.A.V.) and Gang Enforcement Team (G.E.T.) are manufactured by U.S. Armor and come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, threat levels and armor package configurations as well as a choice of Fixed-Pocket, Modular Snap-Velcro® or Modular Web-Velcro® systems. U.S. Armor’s tactical vests can be cut to fit above the belt, on top of the belt, or over the belt. Vest sizes range from small to XXXX large, and tailor made is available. Options include: Level III or IV hard armor plates; Nomex® fire-retardant outer cover; tactical carry bag; throat protection; biceps, upper arm protection. Colors include: black, navy, OD green, tan, woodland camo, desert camo, digital camo, and custom upon request.

The T.A.V. is designed to offer mobility with ballistic coverage. Standard features include: side-opening style; front and back plate pockets; patented helmet-friendly collar; internal flex cuff sleeve; over-the-shoulder ballistic protection; separates at shoulders allowing for multiple user torso lengths; 300-pound wrap-around drag bar; mic holder; internally stowed “pull-down” groin protection; one small and one large embroidered “POLICE” and “SHERIFF” patch. The G.E.T. accommodates right- or left-handed officers.

Jennifer Gavigan is the former associate editor of Tactical Response. She can be reached at

Published in Law and Order, May 2008

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