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New at the 2008 SHOT Show (cont'd.)


Long known as “the night sight company,” Trijicon has been a leading supplier of law enforcement sights for many years. It has also become a leading supplier of tactical optical sights to the U.S. military.

At the 2008 SHOT Show, the company introduced the model RX30, a new larger version of its older reflex sighting system. This new sight uses a bigger sight tube with improved light gathering capabilities. Powered by tritium, the sight does not require batteries and will provide a reliable sight picture under all lighting conditions.

This unit is being offered at a very competitive price, which will make it attractive to officers and agencies alike.

Also new at Trijicon is the Red Dot. This extremely small optic is extremely lightweight and is capable of being mounted and used on either a pistol or long rifle. Also, it has a long run time off of one lithium battery. The Red Dot is capable of being “dual mounted” with a magnified optic, such as the excellent ACOG, so the officer will have both a long-range and close-quarters sighting system.

While there is a wide range of products now being introduced to the market, it is impossible to sort through all of them in one article. Many other items are just as worthy of consideration, such as a revolutionary fabric that is coming to market from a company called Westex. It will offer much improved flame and flash resistance. This fabric, which can be made to look like anything from a standard patrol uniform, tactical jumpsuit or even a pair of blue jeans, has been in use in the electrical field for many years and has a proven track record. Taking the fabric and partnering with companies that have law enforcement and military connections will benefit all involved.

Scott Oldham is a supervisory sergeant with the Bloomington, IN Police Department where he is assigned to the Operations Division as patrol supervisor, as well as being one of the team leaders for the department’s Tactical Unit. He and his partner, Sergeant Mick Williams, provide contract instruction on a wide range of subjects, including tactical and patrol-based skills. He can be reached at

Published in Law and Order, May 2008

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