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New Sentinel Visualizer by FMS revolutionizes data analysis

Sentinel Visualizer introduces the capabilities of advanced social network analysis, providing the ability to see and analyze complex relationships that exist within data. “Sentinel Visualizer enables state and local government agencies, police departments, and fusion centers to better analyze data,” said Bob Batty, president and CEO of Forensic Logic, which manages the data for the Texas law enforcement community. “This in turn leads to high-quality, actionable intelligence.”

As Dan Haught, executive vice president, further explains, “Sentinel Visualizer empowers its users to gain the maximum value from their data by using an advanced set of tools that go beyond the traditional method of analyzing data in rows and columns. By visualizing data in many different ways, they can find hidden relationships and trends that were not discovered previously.”

For example, data involving people can be analyzed and manipulated to determine key relationships, such as who talks to whom, and who’s related to whom. Entities and events can be depicted visually so the user can see their timing and create connections between seemingly unrelated information and relationships. There are also geospatial tools to map, analyze and compare locations, and temporal capabilities to view how situations have changed over time.

Published in Public Safety IT, May/Jun 2008

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