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Video Forensics Helps Solve Crimes

As a result, crime scene video is becoming an increasingly available source of evidence for law enforcement.

Unfortunately, many of these videos are multiplexed, with several camera views recorded into a single playback stream, and images are often damaged, noisy, poorly exposed, low-resolution and shaky. There is also a significant difference between video and video that can be used as evidence.

“Before we discovered VideoFOCUS, we had cobbled together a system where we would play a video tape through the computer. When we got to a frame we thought we could use, we would pause and print it out,” said Utica Patrolman Greg Facciolo, who is a member of the Crime Scene Unit.

Most recently, Facciolo used VideoFOCUS to identify a suspect who had committed a murder. The suspect left the scene, headed for a nearby parking lot, which had a video surveillance system. The parking lot cameras captured the suspect stealing a vehicle before fleeing. At the trial, the video was used to place him in the stolen car, back to the crime scenes and thus the murder.

Salient Stills, developers of VideoFOCUS, recently announced version 3.0 adding multiple filters, cut / copy / paste, an interactive audit trail and audio capture and editing.

Published in Law and Order, Jun 2008

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