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2008 International Police Vehicle Design Contest (part 5)

Municipal Under 10 Officers, East First Place

Chester Police Department Chester, IL

The Chester Police wanted to redesign their fleet in an attempt to make their vehicles very recognizable and also to instill community pride in the department. This particular design, along with the black-and-silver two-tone paint scheme was chosen so the cars would be quickly and unmistakably identified by both young and older citizens as a police vehicle. They chose highly reflective graphics along with a high-intensity LED lighting package to increase officer safety, as well as making the vehicles distinguishable.

Judges’ comments: We like the color scheme; the silver pops out at you. In conjunction with the graphics, it stands out and says, “Look at me!”

Second Place South

Bloomfield Division of Police Sout

h Bloomfield, OH

The South Bloomfield Police chose black and silver from the old gold and blue to enhance the overall appearance of the cruisers. Reflective material was chosen for the entire package to enhance visibility and officer safety. One unique change was the design of the badge on the side of the vehicle. The designer kept getting asked if it was a HEMI®, so he added “’s a hemi” to the rear bumper!

Judges’ comments: This is a well thought-out graphics package. It’s bold, so you can’t miss it.

Third Place

St. Gabriel Police Department St. Gabriel, LA

The St. Gabriel Police chose blue and white for the significance and symbolism of the colors. The department substituted a dark navy blue for the black front and back of the police cruiser. Dark blue or deep royal blue conveys richness and superiority. The dark blue with the white reveals a fresh, crisp appearance.

Judges’ comments: The emblem is eye-catching and pops. It’s a nice color combination.

Best Truck

Colfax Police Department Colfax, IN

This design was chosen by Colfax Town Marshal Duane Lewellen, who chose the design to be easily seen and recognized since it is a crew cab truck instead of the standard Crown Vic patrol car. All the graphics are reflective to be easily seen at night, and the red, white and blue colors give it a patriotic look.

Judges’ comments: The reflectiveness is subtle yet commanding. We also like the “POW MIA” on it to honor our veterans.

Municipal Under 10 Officers, West

First Place Lakeview Police Department Lakeview, AR

The task of redesigning the Lakeview Police squads began last year when they revised the markings on their Durango. All officers in the department were asked for input on the design and color scheme choices. They decided to use 100% reflective material to increase the department’s visibility. The reflective lettering on the rear tail gates improves the night visibility for approaching traffic.

Judges’ comments: We like the color scheme. It’s very clean looking yet it stands out as a police vehicle. The reflectives are a plus for increased officer safety.

Second Place

Boerne Police Department Boerne, TX

The Boerne Police chose a new design for their patrol vehicles to present a more modern and professional image. The new colors are red, white and blue because they are easily seen against a white car. Those colors are also on the department’s uniform patch. The blue fades from light to dark. The reflective material is 3M, so the words “POLICE” are highly visible at night.

Judges’ comments: We like the punchline on the car “Cash for tips.” The vibrant, thought-out graphics work well.

Third Place

Palmyra Police Department Palmyra, MO

Since Palmyra Police were approved to purchase a new car for the department, they wanted to involve the community in the design of the decals, especially the high school students. The panther head appears to be coming out of the “O” in POLICE to complete the design. The color black was chosen because the school colors are black and orange and the mascot is a black panther.

Judges’ comments: We like how they incorporated the high school into the design. It shows they value the children in the community. Kids and officers can bond over it because they are both proud of the vehicle. The orange and blue colors also give a community feel.

Sheriff Up to 25 Officers, East

First Place Yates County Sheriff’s Office Penn Yan, NY

This particular design was selected because it offers a more sleek exterior profile to the contour of the newer body styles of the Crown Vic. The Yates County Sheriff’s officers chose to honor tradition and added a few newer, brighter, contrasting colors to enhance the overall theme of the design package. They used reflective material for higher visibility and officer safety. This design incorporates the county and the sheriff’s star emerging form the state map, which highlights the community and the region in which they serve.

Judges’ comments: The unique color combination is bright and immediately catches your attention. The emblem coming out of the state makes this car really pop. It is a clean, bold, well-rounded package.

Second Place

Hampton County Sheriff’s Office Hampton, SC

This design on the department’s two Dodge Chargers was selected by Sheriff Smalls because he felt the design would stand out and be effective. The colors were selected because he wanted the two cars to blend in with the other units, which also display similar colors. The H.E.A.T. logo goes well with the other colors, including black, yellow and green. The flames add an extra spark to the design.

Judges’ comments: This vehicle is very aggressive, tailored to stop or combat aggressive driving. It features a good use of colors; it’s a little “busy” and “in your face,” but it grabs your attention.

Published in Law and Order, Aug 2008

Rating : 5.7

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