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2008 International Police Vehicle Design Contest (part 3)

Sheriff Up to 25 Officers, West

First Place Hodgeman County Sheriff’s Office Jetmore, KS

The bold graphics are highly visible during the day, and at night, the use of 3M reflective materials creates visibility. The chevrons on the rear bumper are silver and appear subdued during the day but are highly reflective at night. The aggressive Z stripe and the swoosh create a sense of motion and symbolize the agency’s progressiveness. The full color badge on the door is the same as that worn by the sheriff and the deputies.

Judges’ comments: This vehicle’s reflectives enhance officer safety for use at night. The appealing design makes it an all-around complete look.

Second Place

Dunn County Sheriff’s Department Menomonie, WI

This design was chosen due to its vibrant colors and easily identifiable “Sheriff” logo. Dunn County is one of the few sheriff’s departments with all-black squads in the state, so deputies were looking for colors to accent them. As a rural agency, they felt having non-reflective colors was more conducive for officer safety when approaching most traffic situations.

Judges’ comments: We like the design scheme and good use of colors with the dark car. The gold “Sheriff” lettering really stands out.

Sheriff Over 25 Officers, East

First Place Washington County Sheriff’s Office Johnson City, TN

The Washington County Sheriff’s officers decided to make changes to their striping package because it had been the same design for 30 years and had become dated. They wanted the markings to have a larger star with the state seal and the county name easily visible. The green and gold colors match the department’s uniform colors. The reason for reflective striping was to give the best visibility for officers when working accidents at intersections or traffic at special events.

Judges’ comments: The color combination of green and gold is vivid, bold and sharp. It is very appealing; a well-rounded package.

Second Place

Shawano County Sheriff’s Department Shawano, WI

Mike Lewens, owner / designer of Maverick Graphx of Shawano, WI, had an idea for the Dodge Chargers to go back to an old school look, like the Charger design from the late ‘60s, early ‘70s with the wrap-around fender striping package. The reflective tape has been a major asset to visibility over the years. The solid black with an attractive graphics package appears to be a real eye-catcher.

Judges’ comments: The color scheme is distinctive and dark, but it pops with blue and yellow. The reflective on top is not the norm, which makes it unique.

Third Place

Henderson County Sheriff’s Office Hendersonville, NC

Sheriff Rick Davis designed the new color scheme for the Henderson County cars in an attempt to make the cars stand out and be recognized as law enforcement vehicles by returning to the black-and-white color scheme. The agency also changed the lightbars from the ordinary blue lights to the blue / red LED lightbars to increase officer safety by providing better visibility. Pushbars were added to all patrol vehicles to increase safety during a crash and to assist in moving stranded vehicles from the roadway.

Judges’ comments: This car’s design is done well, with an excellent execution of a traditional black-and-white package.

Best Truck

Bullitt County Sheriff Shepherdsville, KY

Chief Thompson designed the new scheme for the patrol vehicles with the help of Allegra Printing to make them more visible to the public. The multicolor ribbons represent the close-working relationship between the police, fire and EMS in the region. The four men’s silhouette on the rear quarter is the representation of “the change is coming” slogan used by Sheriff Tinnell in his campaign. The gold five-pointed star has the sheriff’s name on the top for awareness.

Judges’ comments: We like the color combination of blue and gray, plus the choice of graphics. The men’s silhouette is something we don’t typically see on a patrol vehicle. The overall style is eye-catching.

Sheriff Over 25 Officers, West

First Place Benton County Sheriff’s Office Kennewick, WA

The design and colors used to develop the Benton County Sheriff’s patrol vehicles were based on the agency’s badge. The original design was to be done in silver and black but after scanning the image, it distorted and changed the colors of the badge and lettering, providing the current color scheme. The sheriff and his administration felt it was very unique and decided to use the “accidental” color scheme. The reflective decals are for officer safety and to provide high visibility for the community.

Judges’ comments: This Crown Vic gives a somewhat retro feeling. It’s appealing, with nice graphics; an overall good package.

Second Place

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Oklahoma City, OK

The vehicles are black, with contrasting blue and gray / silver overlays. Partnered with the new black and gray uniforms, the vehicles are now immediately recognizable throughout the county and state, and the public’s perception of the sheriff’s office has moved to one of professionalism and respect.

Judges’ comments: The dark color is sharp and corresponds with the makeup of the Charger.

People’s Choice Award

Pitt Community College Police Department Greenville, NC

While most of North Carolina’s 58 community colleges employ security officers, Pitt Community College in Greenville is one of a select few to feature its own police department. As such, PCC law enforcement vehicles prominently display the word “POLICE” to signify that officers on campus are police, not security. The letters spelling out “POLICE” are printed in the school’s official color, reflex blue, and can be easily read from a distance. Black striping and black trim around the “POLICE” graphic add to the vehicles’ commanding look.

Editor’s comments: The Jeep Liberty used by the Pitt Community College Police has a very clean design. The slicktop vehicle doesn’t shout POLICE. Yet on the nation’s campuses, often patrolled by security officers, it is clearly marked as a POLICE vehicle. This distinction is a big deal for campuses patrol by police. The addition of the school’s logo and the use of the school’s colors all add to the professional appearance. The overall effect is low-key police presence, an advantage on most campuses, until a high police presence is needed. Of the nearly 6,000 online votes, this is the People’s Choice!

Published in Law and Order, Aug 2008

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