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FoundationSearch for Grant Funding

Written by Stephenie Slahor

When searching for grants, you will likely focus on www.Grants.gov or one of the many government grant resources. But there is a rich resource available in private foundation grants as a source for the funding you need for a project. And most such grants are far less tedious in their application and management requirements than government grants.

One of the leaders in the field of data about foundation funding is FoundationSearch (www.foundationsearch.com). It is operated by Metasoft Systems Inc., a privately owned information technology consulting and development corporation. Established in 1988, Metasoft operates FoundationSearch/BIG Online and Imager, both of which provide market-leading products and services to the nonprofit and information technology sectors, including law enforcement and public safety agencies.

FoundationSearch is a leader in grant-raising information for nonprofit and charity organizations. Its online resources include more than 122,000 foundations. That equates to billions of dollars for grants. FoundationSearch provides its subscribers with the research tools to locate grants by type, value, year recipient, donor trends, historical trends, etc. This is all focused to provide nonprofits with the information needed to identify, attract, apply for, and manage the relationships and resources needed for funding the nonprofit.

Liz Innes serves as the sales manager for FoundationSearch. She says the system can be used anywhere anyone has an Internet connection, and access is unlimited to subscribers, with no limit to minutes or number of times the Web site is accessed. Member subscriptions run for one to five years, depending on the user’s choice.

Those subscribing for more than three years also receive access to “BIG Online,” a special business information guide relating to grants, which provides examples of successful grant applications, research tools, and other helps for grant seekers. Two users may access the Web site through the two passwords that will be given when the subscription is begun.

Innes explains that the system uses “see at a glance” ease to provide the complete and thorough research about foundation grants that researchers need. Whether researching by project, state, grantor, type of funding, categories / word searches, assets of the grantor, activities of the grantor, or limits on projects or monies available, the Web site can do it all.

She said every 48 hours, FoundationSearch goes through news sources for articles for specific foundations, with special note about funds and projects, and categorizations by grantor and key words. The Web site itself is updated regularly to be as complete and concise as possible.

Not only does the Web site list grants given and projects funded, but it also tells the largest, smallest and average sizes of grants given by each grantor. Innes explains that this feature helps the researcher learn exactly how much a grantor is likely to fund for a project.

In addition, the Web site shows the percentages of new applicants and former applicants for grantors, key to knowing whether you, as a newcomer to that grantor will receive a favorable audience with the grantor. “If they do fund you once, they’re likely to stick with you,” said Innes, so such information on repeat funding can also be valuable in your grant research.

Also among the tools a subscriber receives is “My Prospect Generator,” which applies an organization’s funding needs to the database to generate a list of the best prospects likely to fund the organization’s project. The “My Prospect Manager” system lets members add prospects and manage fundraising progress.

Other systems include “My Calls,” “My Reports,” and “My Alerts,” which produce prospect activity reports and track news and information about foundations, automatically informing subscribers when critical information, such as grant information and RFPs, becomes available. My Searches lets members create and save their favorite searches to be run or modified at any time. And My Account and My Education allow personalization of the systems in reference to account information and tracking of progress.

More than 4 million documents of grantor information from the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia are available from Metasoft’s new “Global Search.” Keyword searches in all of the resources of FoundationSearch and BIG Online can be done simply and efficiently. Members can generate a globally comprehensive list of information on foundations, corporations, interests or issues to identify the best funding prospects. This new capability in FoundationSearch is of particular interest to those whose projects transcend borders.

The system’s “Grant Visualizer” lets members select detail, summaries and views of information with category, year, size, and location breakdowns. Project grant information is also available. In-depth analysis can be done to view the number or value of grants by category, year, grant size, or region.

Trevor Skillen, president and CEO of Metasoft, said, “We hope that these new analytical features will provide you, our member, with an unprecedented ability to analyze and evaluate potential foundation funding opportunities. At Metasoft, we remain committed to providing you with the most powerful, comprehensive, and easy-to-use source of funding information available.”

He added, “This new version of FoundationSearch underlines our ongoing commitment to provide our clients with the most powerful, comprehensive, timely and easy-to-use source of funding information in America today. We believe that it will allow grant seekers to even better understand and capitalize on the significant grant opportunities available to them.”

For more information, or to schedule a free, online, walk-through “tour” of the immense capabilities of Foundation Search, contact Innes at linnes@foundationsearch.com, or phone (888) 638-2763, or (604) 683-6711.

Stephenie Slahor, Ph.D., J.D., writes in the fields of law enforcement and security. She can be reached at drss12@msn.com.

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2008

Rating : 4.1


Comment on This Article

Don't trust FoundationSearch guarantee

By Fred Burks for PEERS

Our application for their money back guarantee was denied, even though we applied for 113 grants and received no funding. FoundationSearch came up with numerous petty reasons why we couldn't get our money back. Don't trust them.

Submitted Apr 19 at 2:40 AM

same ol

By Trinititis

This is a regurgitation of the search engines site. Have you used the site, Ms. Slahor? A review, rather than a summary of readily available information, would be greatly appreciated. paz

Submitted Oct 20 at 8:52 AM

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