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2008 IACP New Product Round-up 3 (cont'd)

IES Interactive Training Inc.

Driving Force from IES is the only fully integrated driving and force option simulator. Features include fully integrated simulation training; best in start-to-end training cycles; compression of situational dynamics; opportunity to choose incorrectly; more practice; tailored instructional sessions; objective and repeatable training sessions; start-to-finish call cycle training.

Additional features include device-to-device networking; scene matching; event auto-start (simulator started by triggering even in complementary simulator); and agency level authoring (combined training scenarios easily developed with authoring software).

With Driving Force, agencies can render complex decisions and engage in intricate responses under conditions of time pressure, high stakes, and stress-induced physical discomfort.

InterAct Public Safety Systems

HerculesCAD is a next-generation computer-aided dispatch system from InterAct Public Safety Systems. HerculesCAD was developed to meet public safety communication needs and is available as either a hosted or SaaS (software as a service) application, or it may be deployed as a premise-based system.

Peer-to-peer configurations enable networked backup facilities and secure collaboration between agencies. Critical data from incoming calls for services via phone, SMS, VoIP and e-mail including images and video can be transferred and shared quickly between agencies and jurisdictions over a secure network.

HerculesCAD is also highly agile, platform and database agnostic, highly available, and massively scalable. Like NG9-1-1 phone systems, HerculesCAD supports virtual PSAPs, enabling call-takers and dispatchers to work from any network location.

LaCrosse® Footwear Inc.

Patterned after the Acadia®, the Danner® (parent company LaCrosse Footwear) APB uniform boot offers many of the same features with a few tweaks and new features for protection in the field. The Danner APB upper is offered in both a durable all-leather version and a blend of full-grain leather and tear-resistant 1000 Denier nylon. The CROSSTECH® lining by W.L. Gore provides breathable and waterproof protections against blood-borne pathogens.

The new APB is developed with the Vibram® 1276 Sierra outsole. This is the same outsole worn by Danner military customers in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past eight years. Soldiers appreciate the Sierra outsole for its acceleration, traction and comfort, features also needed by law enforcement officers. In addition, the APB features an upper-area speed lace system for quick entry when duty calls.


Laserfiche solutions help agencies get the right information to the right people while protecting it from unauthorized access and distribution. They can manage and distribute case knowledge; manage entire case files, from paper and electronic documents to photographs and digital audio or video recordings; accelerate the routing and approval of case documents; and quickly provide records for investigations and court appearances, subpoenas, and FOIA requests.

In addition, Laserfiche solutions allow agencies to share intelligence for a rapid response; distribute information to other agencies while limiting access to confidential records; deliver building plans, HazMat reports and other intelligence to first responders with GIS integration; share access to mission-critical documents and case files through RMS; and restrict information access to authorized personnel.

Departments can protect the integrity of criminal investigations with strict control of access to police reports and evidentiary records with Laserfiche solutions. They can also monitor user activity, including viewing and printing with Audit Trail™ functionality, and redact records to be released in accordance with local, state and federal regulations while maintaining information confidentiality. Laserfiche interacts directly with existing records systems and scans everything from 4x8s, half-sheets, and full-sheets into the same case number.

Lund Industries Inc.

Lund Industries’ consoles are designed to place equipment closer to the vehicle’s dash and slope down within easy reach of the operator compared to traditional consoles that fit horizontally between the front seats. Constructed of 11-gauge powder-coated aluminum for easy cleaning, lightweight, structural rigidity and years of trouble free service, the VC series can be mounted on any vehicle specific base plate to eliminate or reduce drilling during installation.

Lund’s VH-CHGR Dodge Charger 5-inch Vertical Console features a 7-inch front height and 60-degree slope and 3.75 inches H x 16 inches L horizontal section. It mounts to OEM vehicle brackets and has a computer attachment point. The console also includes equipment mounting brackets and fill plates. VH Consoles are also available for Crown Vic, Impala and many other vehicles.

Meggitt Training Systems Inc.

The XVT from Meggitt Training Systems Inc. (MTSI) provides state-of-the-art virtual training, as well as integrated live-fire training to its audience. The equipment is packaged in transportable cases that can be hand carried and fit in the trunk of a police car. XVT encompasses a Tablet PC with touchscreen capabilities that provides a wireless interface for instructor control. The XVT Virtual System provides a widescreen, high-definition display for virtual training in a true HD 16:9 widescreen format.

Meggitt’s XWT is its next-generation wireless target system. It provides state-of-the-art live-fire training as well as complementary virtual training to the market. XWT features a drive system that is internal to the carrier, which eliminates the need for a power bus bar, cables and pulleys, and prevents stray lead fragments or casings from damaging the power source. The DC motor drive system operates on a rechargeable long-life lithium battery. A docking station at the firing line regenerates the battery when the target is docked. Another key benefit of the system is its wireless control.

XWT has a self-correcting target head that electronically adjusts to provide precise and accurate turning. The speed of the system is regulated during the start / stop function, which eliminates hard stops, crashes, component shock and fatigue. XWT does not require a firing-line cross-member so the target system can be installed without the support of shooting stalls.

MNSTAR Enforcer Systems™

The IH 2000 Integrator Harness from MNSTAR Enforcer Systems features an integrated under-hood fuse panel with 22 fused outputs. An available timer plugs directly into fuse panel. Flexible circuits allow IT to be wired Battery Hot, Ignition Hot or Timed. Swing-arm construction supports console or trunk-mounted Switch / Siren controls. A sync wire at every light-head maximizes lighting coverage. The IH 2000 has a video camera interface with diode for brake sense. The fuse panel bracket uses OEM holes for Crown Victoria.

The IH 2000 is recommended for the agency that wants a single fuse panel mounted under-hood. The harness is designed to support a vehicle with mobile IT and digital video. The integrated fuse panel with MNSTAR’s Swing Arm construction allows this harness to support a diverse fleet that may include several different switchboxes or computer configurations.

Tested for maximum loads at –40 deg F to 221 deg F, the IH 20000 has a fabricated wire harness of TXL copper that exceeds SAE Standard J-1128. Fire-retardant protective loom provides uniform high-quality appearance and consistency to final installation. Detailed color schematics are provided with every harness, allowing installers to provide fleet-wide consistency. In addition, the IH 2000 features color-coded labeled wires for easy circuit identifications.

Mobile Specialty Vehicles

Mobile Specialty Vehicles unveiled the new Mobile Command Center for the Irvine, CA Police Department. Based on a Freightliner M-2, this unit is equipped with a satellite system for VoIP telephone, helicopter downlink, CAD, Internet, and video uplink / downlink.

The command center has two full dispatch positions, a conference / negotiator’s room, two interior workstations and one exterior workstation. A 60-foot mast houses two cameras and a microwave receiver for remote tactical cameras. A touchscreen controller allows any incoming video source to be seen on any of the monitors throughout the unit. The unit is 43 feet long with three slide-out rooms.

Panasonic Computer Solutions Co.

Panasonic will offer Qualcomm’s new Gobi™ global mobile Internet solution in its entire line of rugged laptops. With Gobi-enabled Toughbook portable computers, mobile workers benefit from the worldwide high-speed data capabilities of multiple cellular broadband networks, while IT managers can streamline their operations by leveraging one hardware and software solution for their nationwide and global branch office locations.

Panasonic’s new mobile Toughbook U1 features a solid-state hard drive and hardened casing. It is also the first device with the Intel Atom Processor, with 47 million transistors on a single chip measuring less than 25 mm. The 2.3-pound U1 has an integrated barcode reader, RFID reader, pressure-sensitive touchscreen and long battery life. It also features a thumb-friendly, backlit QWERTY keyboard for fast data input.

Panasonic’s new Toughbook® F8 is the world’s lightest 3G-ready notebook with a 14.1-inch wide display and an internal optical drive. Weighing 3.7 pounds, the Toughbook F8 has an integrated handle for portability. The new F8 also includes the Intel ® Core™ 2 Duo processor, up to 4 GB of RAM, widescreen LCD, and a 160-GB shock-mounted hard drive. It delivers six hours of battery life.

Peacekeeper Products International LLC

The Secure-Lock Rotational Baton Holster from Peacekeeper Products has been designed to rotate 30, 60, or 90 degrees from perpendicular, in either direction, by manually depressing a button at the top of the holster. The holster locks in place once the button is released to keep the officer’s baton in the same position regardless of physical activity.

The Secure-Lock Rotational Holster also allows an officer the ability to draw on his batons with his dominant hand from his non-dominant side. This allows an officer to deploy an impact weapon rapidly without placing the baton near a firearm or having to switch hands from a straight draw holster on the non-dominant side.

Additional features include “on demand” positioning; secure locking mechanism; provides ability to cross draw baton; slender design; durable; lightweight; snug fit for a secure baton; baton won’t inadvertently expand in holster; ability to insert expanded baton in holster when necessary.

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