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2008 IACP Conference

ALS Technologies

ALS Single Use Distraction Device: ALS introduced a steel body non-reloadable Distraction Device at IACP. The ALS09NR uses an M201 A1 fuse with a 1-second to 1.5-second delay. The ALS09NR produces 169-174 decibels at 5 feet. The flash power is rated at 35% power factor of TNT by weight. Its steel body is also water resistant due to the explosive chamber being plastic lined.

Defense Technology

BAE Systems 40mm training kits: BAE Systems introduced a new training kit for the 40mm eXact iMpact™ round. The new training round uses a harder nose for more durability for more reuses. By using a reloadable casing with .38 blanks, the cost of a kit is drastically reduced. The kit comes with 25 noses, 25 casings and 250 blanks. One kit will allow for 250 training shots.

Insight Tech Gear

Insight Arcturus: The Arcturus is a multifunctional rechargeable LED that is under 6 inches in length. The Arcturus has a 120 lumens maximum output and a 2-hour runtime on the high output mode. The Arcturus is operated with a push tailcap and can function in constant, momentary, strobe, and dimming modes all through the push tailcap.

The Arcturus uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is removed from the light to recharge, which allows for a spare battery to be swapped into the light so it isn’t out of service to charge. The Arcturus will fit into many weapon mounts, and it comes with a pocket clip.

Para-Ordnance Para-USA™

Para-USA Tactical Target Rifle™: Para-USA introduced its Tactical Target Rifle (TTR) at the IACP Conference. This is a gas-piston version of the AR-15 with its Delayed Impinged Gas System (DIGS). Also unique to the TTR is that the recoil spring is over the op-rod system at the front of the gun, which is designed to help force the gun back down onto the target off recoil. It comes with a Pictinney rail system and flip-up front and rear sights.

Since the recoil system is in the front of the gun, the stock is a folding stock with five points of adjustments for length of pull. The TTR is currently available only in a 16.5-inch length barrel. The ergonomics of the TTR are the same as an AR-15. The lower portion of the gun is also essentially the same.


SIG SAUER 556: The 556 rifle has been redesigned for 2008 and is more similar to the classic 550 military series. The 556 operates with a full-length gas piston system with a two-point adjustable gas valve. The gun comes with the classic Swiss folding stock that is adjustable for length of pull. The 556 comes with ambidextrous selector switches and has similar placement of the magazine and bolt releases to the M-16/M-4 family.

The changes also allow the 556 to accept AR-type magazines, but the 556 does come with its own polymer magazines. The 556 comes with either Swiss polymer forend or a quad-rail Picatinny forend. Also there is the optional Rotary Diopter Rear Sight, which will be poplar with fans of the classic 550 rifle.

SIG SAUER P250: The P250 handgun made a splash at an earlier Las Vegas SHOT Show when it was released in 9mm. At the San Diego IACP, the P250 was released in .40 S&W caliber. SIG also announced that by the beginning of 2009 the P250 will be available in .357 SIG and .45 ACP. By 2009, the P250 will be available in all four calibers in full-size and compact frames.

SIG SAUER STL-900L Tactical Light and Laser: The STL-900L is a unique weapons light with integrated laser. The laser is completely contained within the lens and reflector of the unit, making a streamlined unit that aligns the laser with the bore easier. The laser is red and can be operated independent of the light.

The light is a high-output LED with 130 lumen peak output. The unit runs on one CR123A lithium with an 80-minute runtime. The light functions include momentary, constant-on, and a strobe mode. The strobe mode has a rate of 18-20 cycles per second. The STL-900L has many functions that officers are looking for in a tactical light.

Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson M&P15VTAC Carbine: Smith & Wesson has teamed up with Kyle Lamb from Viking Tactics to offer an enhanced version of the M&P15 Carbine. Lamb is a former U.S. Army Special Operations soldier, a three-gun competitor, and a nationally recognized trainer. The M&P15 VTAC is based on the flat top 16-inch barrel M&P15 with many custom features added. The trigger is a JP single-stage trigger, and the stock is the excellent Vltor Modstock.

The forend is the JP/VTAC free float tube with adjustable Picatinny rails. The gun comes with three Picatinny sections that can mounted on various places on the forend. This reduces the weight of the forend, but still allows for placement of accessories exactly where you need them. The gun comes with two accessories: the VTAC’s padded two-point sling and a SureFire G2 in the VTAC’s flashlight mount. The flash hider is Surefire’s FA556, which can be used to mount a SureFire suppressor if needed, but it makes as an outstanding flash hider.

Springfield Armory

Springfield XD: Springfield has a couple of new variations of its popular XD pistol, mostly in the .45 caliber. The XD Service Model and Tactical Model in .45 ACP can now be had with an ambidextrous thumb safety. Also the .45 ACP XD Compact is now available with a 4-inch or a 5-inch barrel but with the same grip length and magazine capacity.

Springfield XD(M): The XD(M) is a version of the XD that is currently available in .40 S&W and 9mm in a service model size, i.e., 4.5-inch barrel. The biggest change in the XD(M) is the frame is redesigned for an adjustable backstrap, different grip contours, and different texture on the grip. The XD(M) also has a shorter trigger reset, but at the same weight of pull as the XD. The XD(M) will also be done in other sizes and possible other calibers in 2009.


Streamlight IR series: Streamlight introduced IR versions of several popular models. As night vision goggle operations become more common in law enforcement, there continues to be a growing need for independent IR illumination sources. Streamlight introduced the SuperTac, TLR, TLR-2, TL-2 and the Stylus in IR. The Stylus IR Combo uses an 880 NM LED, while all the others use an 850 NM LED. The TLR-2 also has an IR laser. This will make for a cost-effective illuminator and sight device. The SuperTac and TLR handheld lights give users the ability to have illuminators that aren’t weapon mounted, thus giving more freedom of movement.

Streamlight Sidewinder: The Sidewinder is a utility light designed for tactical operators and the military. It is a multi-function light with an adjustable angle head, i.e., this is your dad’s G.I. issue angle head flashlight on steroids. The light comes with a white LED, red LED, blue LED, and a green LED. The green can be replaced with an IR LED. It operates in momentary, constant-on and strobe modes. The Sidewinder can attach to PALS webbing on tactical vest or has an option to be helmet mounted.


SureFire X400: SureFire introduced its first weapon light / laser combo this year—the X400. While SureFire has been famous for its tactical lights, it has a long history as a laser manufacturer. The X400 is based off the popular X300 weapon light with an LED lamp with a maximum output of 110 lumens. The X400 uses the same independent ambidextrous control switching and can also accept the same remote switches as the X300.

The X400 can be operated in laser only, light only, or light and laser in conjunction modes via an additional switch on the back of the unit. The unit has different rail-mounting hardware than the X300. The X400 uses a proprietary Rail-Lock™ mechanism to secure the light to the rail to maximize stability so the laser can maintain zero. This is a tension screw-type system that locks in place. SureFire assures zero for 500 rounds and recommends a zero confirmation or rezeroing after that.

TASER / Mossberg

TASER® AXON: TASER has expanded into video technology with its AXON™ video recording system. The AXON is a head-mounted unit that integrates into the officer’s radio. By mounting the unit into an earpiece, the video records at the same angle and view as the officer. The AXON catches the officer’s perspective better than other systems.

The AXON, short for Autonomous eXtended On-officer Network, is completely digital and uses internal memory with an expansion slot for SD cards. This also allows for pre-event capture and greater video quality, which improves low-light video capture. The officer has control of system and can control recording, protecting officer privacy.

TASER XREP and X12: The long-awaited 12-gauge delivered XREP round was out on display, with delivery happening in early 2009. The XREP (eXtended Range Electronic Projectile) has a maximum range of 90 feet and is designed to deliver a 20-second charge upon impact. The XREP is a fin-stabilized round that activates the electrodes and delivers the electrical payload upon impact.

The XREP will operate in any 12 gauge, however, TASER has teamed up with Mossberg to develop the X12 Less Lethal Shotgun. The X12 is designed to only fire the XREP or other similarly designed rounds. This is done through the Radial™ Ammunition Key system. The face of the bolt of the X12 has a circular ridge on it that interfaces with an indenture on the face of the casing of the XREP round, allowing the firing pin to strike the primer on the XREP. This ridge prevents the firing pin from being able to make contact with a round with a standard 12-gauge casing.

TASER plans to allow other less-lethal round manufacturers to potentially develop rounds that will interact with the X12. The X12 has all yellow furniture to distinguish it. It has a Picatinny rail system on the forend to mount an X26 or light system. It comes with adjustable ghost ring sights and a collapsible stock. The gun is completely built by Mossberg.

TASER CDPM: The Controlled Digital Power Magazine (CDPM) for the X26 is a technological answer to the problem of TASER takeaways by suspects. A wrist lanyard is attached to the digital safety key in the bottom of the power magazine. If the X26 is taken away and the safety key is pulled out, the unit is deactivated and can’t fire. The unit can only be reactivated with a security code. The CDPM is compatible current X26 units.

What about the other major players in the firearms arena? What was new from companies like ATK-Federal, Beretta, FNH, Glock, Heckler & Koch, Kahr, Kimber, Remington, Rock River, Smith & Wesson, Sturm-Ruger and Winchester? Rather than make major announcements at conventions in the fall, many firearms companies wait until the SHOT Show in January. LAW and ORDER will have coverage of those new products in an upcoming issue.

Mick Williams is a sergeant with the Bloomington Police Department. He is a member of the department’s tactical unit in addition to his assignment as a patrol supervisor. He is a certified instructor in firearms, defensive tactics and emergency vehicle operations. He can be reached at

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